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When I Was Young Instructions

When I Was Young is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move. The P key pauses the game and the R key restarts the game.

When I Was Young Walkthrough

Getting old is not fun. Your eyesight diminishes, you get aches and pains, and you cannot move as fast as you could when you were younger. Don't you wish that you could turn back the clock and relive your younger days? You can in When I Was Young. When I Was Young is a Flash platform game featuring colorful cartoon graphics, simple controls, and twenty achievements.

The objective of When I Was Young is to find three artifacts that will help you to regain your youth. These artifacts are a pile of mysterious sand, an hourglass, and a grandfather clock. When you have found all of these artifacts, the game will end. This platform game is played straight through from start to finish. There are no levels, only checkpoints that you will respawn at if you die. You will have to start fresh (which means old and decrepit in this adventure game) at the beginning each time that you play since there is no save system.

Although you have unlimited time and lives in When I Was Young, you should strive to complete the game as quickly as possible and with as few deaths as possible. Completing the game the first time will earn you a speed bonus. You can use this speed bonus to attempt to improve your time on your next playthrough. Unfortunately, nothing is saved in this platform game, so the bonus will not apply if you end your session by exiting the browser, navigating to a different page, or refreshing. This is a shame since When I Was Young would have immense replay value if achievements, time records, and speed bonuses were retained between sessions.

When I Was Young is a fun platform game that can be completed in less then five minutes, so you won't have to worry about time ticking away from you. Turn back the hands of time and relive youth in this amusing adventure game!