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Wentworth Instructions

Wentworth is controlled by using the mouse. Point and click with your mouse to interact with objects and solve puzzles.

Wentworth Walkthrough

Wentworth is a game about a cat in space (a cute little kitty, not a fearsome Kilrathi warrior). This adventure game features cartoonish graphics, humorous dialogue, and point-and-click controls.

Wentworth puts you in the role of the eponymous cat whose job is to tend to a sapling. Looks like you had too many cheeseburgers, because you were sleeping on the job, and now you have to make up for lost time before your superior visits for an inspection of the tree! Your mission is to get down to the planet and get the tree planted so that you can keep your job.

Wentworth is a standard point-and-click adventure game. The mouse is used to interact with objects and to collect and use inventory items. You cannot use the tab key to cheat your way through the game, but objects that can be interacted with and other hotspots in the game will highlight when your mouse cursor hovers over them. The game can be completed within an hour if you are speedy, but your progress is automatically saved, so you will continue from where you left off the next time that you play (unless you delete your stored data).

To help you get started in Wentworth, we will provide you with a brief walkthrough. You begin the game sleeping on a space station. After your character wakes, read through the dialogue, then click on the monitor to view your missed messages. Click on the bucket and sapling to collect them, then click on the hatch on the left side of the station to open it. After some more dialogue, click on the bucket in your inventory, then click on the yellow rope outside of the hatch to tie the bucket to the rope. After some more dialogue, you will swing from the rope to the surface of the planet. Now that you have finally made it to the planet's surface, it is time to plant the sapling. I'll leave that up to you. Good luck!

Wentworth is a cute game that fans of the point-and-click genre will certainly appreciate. This adventure game is great for a gaming break at school or in the office, but remember that the lesson of Wentworth is to not be lazy on the job!