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Wasted Youth: Part 1 Instructions

Move left using 'a' or the left arrow key. Move right using 'd' or the right arrow key. Jump/climb using 'w' or the up arrow key. Talk to a character or interact with a character or object by hitting 'space'. Perform an action by hitting 'space'.

Wasted Youth: Part 1 Walkthrough

Wasted Youth: Part 1 is an engrossing and entertaining adventure game that will grab your interest from the very start and hold it until the very end - should you make it that far. While it can be a bit complex for those who aren't used to online adventure games, more experienced players are going to have a blast with this one. It is fairly difficult and there's a lot you need to take into consideration to do well in the game, but even newcomers will be able to get the hang of it. It will just take a little patience and a lot of practice. The great things is practice is no problem with a game this fun.

Wasted Youth: Part 1 begins with the story behind the game. Basically, you're kind of a screw up. You've been expelled from school and as a last resort are sent to St. Frost's Academy, a school for kids like you - slackers, troublemakers and idiots; or so the game says. Your parents have sent you to this school because they see it at your last chance to make something out of yourself. One gets the feeling as they read over the story that things aren't quite what they seem at St. Frosts, but what kind of adventure game would it be if everything was hunky dory? A boring one and this game is anything but that.

The problem most people are going to face right away with Wasted Youth: Part 1 is the issues the game has with lagging. If your computer has trouble with some games it's probably going to have a hard time with this one. The good news is that you can still play the game. Just lower the quality setting and you should notice an immediate improvement. Also, if you have any other applications open, it might be a good idea to close them before you start playing this game. Closing down anything CPU intensive will help with the lagging quite a bit as well. Okay, on to the game.

Although it's often tempting to skip tutorials and cut scenes in online adventure games, that's just not a good idea in Wasted Youth: Part 1. You get a lot of valuable information during cut scenes and the tutorials guide you through how the game is played. You really shouldn't take that instruction for granted. This is a tough one. I'll walk you through the second mission, 'Sticky Entrails' so you can get an idea of what you're in for with this very unusual adventure game.

After learning that the principal of the school is a little unbalanced and the kids are holy terrors, you take on your first mission, 'The First Meal'. Pretty simple stuff. From there, you move on to your second mission. This one is a bit bizarre. First, you'll need to head to the second floor and look for the mission marker. You'll see a group of kids standing around a lovely puddle of vomit. Your only friend Dave informs you that the key to Mr. Ross' cleaning supplies may have been swallowed by one of the frogs from the biology class. What choice do you have but to go find those frogs and dissect them until you find the key. Head to the biology lab, locate the frogs and begin the frog dissection mini-game. You'll use your mouse to slice into the frogs until your find the key. Once you've got it, head back to the group of kids and hand it over - mission complete.

The mini-map (at the top left of the screen) is one of the biggest tools you have at your disposal in Wasted Youth: Part 1. Don't ignore that mini-map or you'll likely find yourself wondering around aimlessly until you're lost. It's not really a complex game in the layout of the rooms and whatnot, but if you don't pay attention, getting lost isn't hard. Pay attention to your mini-map and use it to help you get to where you need to be. It saves time and makes completing your missions a lot easier.

Wasted Youth: Part 1 isn't a light little adventure game to kill a little time with. It's a deeply involved, engrossing game that you can easily spend hours hooked on if not more. There are tons of missions, side missions and achievements to take on. The achievements are a great addition to the game. They offer an additional level of challenge for the more experienced players who might find the game itself a bit on the easy side. There are also 50 Piggymon cards that you can collect throughout the game that are hidden all over the place. You'll get the final Piggymon achievement when you've collected all fifty cards. If you want to find all of the cards, you really need to look everywhere - on top of things, under things, in mouse holes, on calendars and just about anywhere else you can imagine. Keep your eyes peeled. They're hidden everywhere and some of them are pretty easy to miss.

The greatest appeal of Wasted Youth: Part 1 is that it's far more twisted than the average adventure game which helps it stand out from the pack. The ending... well, I'll let you find that out for yourself. Make sure you stick with this one. It can get frustrating and there will probably be missions you feel you can't complete but there isn't a single mission in this game that can't be beaten. You just need to figure out what you need to do to make that happen. If you're really struggling with one of the missions, pause the game and do something else for a while. Frustration will make you careless. Take a step back and then approach the mission with a new set of eyes. You'll get the hang of it eventually.