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Undo the End Instructions

Undo the End is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move. Press the spacebar to temporarily go back in time.

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The end of the world has been speculated probably since the dawn of mankind. The Book of Revelations, Mayan Prophecy, and even the babbling of random people on the streets with signs have all been used to speculate the end-times. Some speculate that the end can be averted; Undo the End is a Flash game that speculates that the end can be undone. Undo the End is a platform-based adventure game where you are tasked with saving the world by undoing its destruction!

According to the storyline (and title) of Undo the End, your objective is to undo the end of the world. In terms of gameplay, this means avoiding hazards, enemies, and falling off of the screen. This platform game is linear for the most part, comprising of moving forward (to the right) until you reach the next area. The game is not level-based, and is instead broken into scenes which act similar to levels. If you die, you will be taken back to the beginning of the scene. Your progress is also saved at the start of each new scene, so you will be able to continue from the last scene that you were on if you quit and choose to continue later.

The keyboard is the control device of Undo the End. Like most Flash platform games, the arrow keys are used to move. Alternatively, you may use the WASD keys. What makes this adventure game unique is the time travel device that you will have access to in most parts of the game. Press the spacebar to go back in time temporarily. This is useful for traversing terrain that is impassible in the present or to avoid enemies. Try to take a mental picture of your surroundings before using the device so that you be in the proper position when you phase back to the present; you don't want to end up teleporting into a chasm!

Undo the End is a unique platform game with a gripping storyline. The end of the game may leave you wondering, but hopefully there will be a sequel to clear things up. For now, make John Titor proud and save the world with the power of time travel!