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The Power Instructions

The Power is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move and to select menu options. The spacebar opens your inventory, advances text, and confirms menu choices. The X key is used to shoot. To save the game, stand on a save block and press the down arrow key.

The Power Walkthrough

The Power is a retro-style platform game that is reminiscent of the original Metroid (or at least what Metroid would have been if it were released in arcades during the late 1970s or early 1980s). This adventure game features vector graphics, keyboard-only controls, and a basic storyline that moves the action along.

In The Power, you portray an interplanetary treasure hunter whose spaceship is stranded on a strange planet. You will have to navigate the planet's surface, in search of the mysterious power that makes controls the planet, and maybe escape with your life! In terms of gameplay, this encompasses collecting items, fighting dangerous enemies, and lots of platforming! This adventure game is a real challenge, so you should save often. To save the game, stand on top of a pink block labeled with an 'S', then press the down arrow key.

The Power uses the keyboard as its exclusive control device; this includes menu screens. The arrow keys are used to move your character as well as highlight menu options. The spacebar opens your inventory and selects the highlighted menu option. The X key is used to shoot your blaster. New controls become available as you progress in this adventure game and acquire new weapons. To view which keys are used to fire new weapons, open your inventory.

When playing The Power, it is important to realize that your character is marooned on a strange planet. You do not have a map or friendly locals to rely on in this adventure game, so you will have to explore things for yourself. Be sure to keep an eye out for hazards and traps (for example, some bushes conceal pop-up laser turrets). Always be prepared to fight, and save often!

The Power is a throwback to the classical days of gaming, and an exceptional adventure game. Do you have the "The Touch and the Power"? Well, find out if you do in The Power!