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The Last Stand: Union City Instructions

The Last Stand: Union City is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Use the WASD key to move your character. The shift key may be held down to sprint. The R key reloads your weapon, the F key toggles your flashlight, the E key activates objects, the G key is used to save your companion or give them a weapon, the Tab, I or B keys are used to open your inventory, the Q key is used to switch between equipped weapons, and the C key opens your character sheet. The mouse is used to aim and shoot, as well as interact with the game's interface.

The Last Stand: Union City Walkthrough

The Last Stand: Union City is the third installment of the Last Stand series of zombie games. This adventure game retains the high quality of its predecessors, and features thrilling gameplay, spectacular graphics, and amazing audio.

When you begin The Last Stand: Union City, you must choose one of three save slots to save your progress. You may then choose between "Run & Gun" mode and "Survivor" mode. "Run & Gun" mode focuses on the action elements of the game, and gives you plentiful weapons and ammunition, and does not require your character to sleep or eat. If you want a more realistic or difficult gameplay experience, then you may opt to try "Survivor" mode, where weapons and ammunition are scarce, and your characters will require rest and food before fighting on! I suggest newcomers to try tout "Run & Gun" mode to test out this adventure game before going on to the more difficult "Survivor" mode.

After selecting your game mode, you must name and customize your player character. The Last Stand: Union City gives you many options to choose from, such as choosing your character's gender, hairstyle, skin color, and more. In what may be a throwback to the classic game Oregon Trail, you must also select your character's profession. There are a plethora of professions to choose from, each with their own strengths such as the physically-fit Survivalist, technically-savvy Engineer, and the Military, which is skilled with firearms. If you want to, you can also create your own custom profession in this adventure game. You may have to play through the game a few times before finding your personal favorite profession. I chose Engineer since it is closest to my real-life profession.

Once you have completed the character creation process, you will be ready to start your journey in The Last Stand: Union City. Your goal in this adventure game is to get through the zombie-infested Union City to reunite with your loved one. This is a feat that is easier said than done, but luckily, you may come across a variety of weapons, items, and other survivors to help you out. If you are playing in "Survivor" mode, you will also come across safe-houses which are the only places that you can get rest.

If you have played the first two games in the Last Stand series, you will realize that The Last Stand: Union City is quite different. Instead of simply setting up a barricade and defending against zombies, this adventure game plays more like a side-scrolling game. You will freely move your character about on his or her quest to survive and make it back home. The Last Stand: Union City also features an experience system similar to many role-playing games. Completing tasks and killing zombies rewards you with experience. When you have gained enough experience to reach the next level, you will gain upgrade points that can be used to improve your character. I encourage you to level up your melee abilities first, since you will be using melee weapons a lot at the start of The Last Stand: Union City.

The Last Stand: Union City is a well-designed game providing hours of entertainment value, and it's all free! If you are a fan of zombie games or adventure games, you're going to love The Last Stand: Union City!