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Synapsis 2 Instructions

Synapsis 2 is controlled by using the mouse. Point and click on objects to interact with them. Click on objects in the inventory to use them.

Synapsis 2 Walkthrough

Synapsis 2 is the sequel to the point-and-click adventure game, Synapsis. Synapsis 2 continues the surreal story of the first Synapsis and features the same basic controls and style of gameplay that made its predecessor a hit.

The objective of Synapsis 2 is to complete a variety of puzzles and escape from your captivity. Whether your character is captive in another dimension, location, or simply in a state of mind is not explained in this adventure game; just know that you have to escape! As was the case in this adventure game's predecessor, you must use intuition and observation to complete the puzzles. Trial-and-error techniques may also work, so do not be ashamed to click anything and everything or to try to use inventory items with any background object. Most puzzles are straightforward, however, although you may wonder about the significance of the actions that you perform.

If you have played the first Synapsis, then you will already have an idea of how to control Synapsis 2. The same simple point-and-click mouse controls are present in this adventure game. The one difference, however, is that instead of items that you pick up going directly into your inventory when they are click, you must move your mouse down to your inventory and click again to place the item in your inventory. As was the case in the original Synapsis, you cannot use the tab key to "cheat" and highlight objects.

I will provide a short walkthrough to help you to solve the first puzzle, but you are on your own after that. The puzzles featured in this puzzle game are more straightforward than those of the first Synapsis, but if you need more help, you can access a full walkthrough by clicking the walkthrough button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

After the cutscene at the beginning of the game, you will be placed in an office room. Pick up the key on the left side of the desk, then click on the doorway to enter the main corridor ("The Hub"). From here, click on the leftmost doorway to enter a room called "Childhood". Open the window that the bird is perched on by clicking it. Pick up the worm from the floor and place it in the cage. The bird will enter the cage and a crank will fall to the floor. Pick up the crank and use it on the can in the middle of the floor. Collect the hammer that pops out of the can and place it in the puppet's hand. The stage will open, revealing a skeleton holding a quarter of a circle. Collect the quarter circle piece and the shield that remains on the ground and exit the room. In order to complete this puzzle game, you must collect all four pieces of the circle. Remember,t hat if you need more help, you can always click the walkthrough button.

Synapsis 2 is not as difficult as the first Synapsis, but it is still a beautifully-designed and challenging adventure game. If you enjoyed the first Synapsis, then continue your journey by playing Synapsis 2!