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Synapsis Instructions

Synapsis is controlled by using the mouse. Point and click on objects to interact with them. Click on objects in the inventory to use them.

Synapsis Walkthrough

Synapsis is an artistic point-and-click adventure game. This adventure game features beautifully detailed three-dimensional graphics, simple controls, and a variety of abstract puzzles.

The objective of Synapsis is to finish the game by completing the puzzles. This adventure game uses a simple point-and-click control mechanism. To interact with an object, simply hover your mouse over it and click. Your mouse pointer will change into a finger when you can interact with an item. Unlike other Flash games, you cannot use the tab key to cheat and highlight clickable objects in this puzzle game.

The keys to beating Synapsis are observation and intuition. Patterns in the placement of objects may serve as clues. Do not be afraid to click anything and everything in this puzzle game; trial-and-error can work here. This approach also works for objects in your inventory. If you wish to use an object, click on the object and it will replace your cursor. Click on background objects while using an inventory item to attempt to use the inventory item with the object. Inventory items are not wasted in this adventure game; if an object can not be used with another, it simply will not be used.

I will provide a small walkthrough to help to get you started, after that you will be on your own. If you need further guidance, you can click the walkthrough button in the lower-right corner of the screen. I advise you to try to figure things out for yourself, however, since doing so will allow you to get the full entertainment value out of this adventure game.

Synapsis begins with a short puzzle to initiate gameplay. First, click on the circular shape on the left face of the cube. After the short animation, click on the square image on the right face of the cube. You will be taken to a corridor with five rooms. Click on the leftmost doorway to enter the "Motion" room. Pick up the wrench, cog, fuel tank, and spark plug. Select the fuel tank from your inventory and click on the funnel of the generator to fill it with fuel. Use the wrench on the the generator's panel to open it, then use the spark plug on the generator. Finally, place the cog in the open position on the treadmill. Turn the generator on to get the robot walking. Pick up the lens that slides forward from the treadmill. Hold the lens to the light. When it turns orange, place it in the robot's eye socket and the door on the left side of the room will be unlocked. It's up to you to figure out how to complete the rest of this adventure game; good luck!

Synapsis is a beautifully crafted adventure game. If abstract puzzles and surreal environments are your thing, then you will enjoy Synapsis!