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Stealing the Diamond Instructions

Stealing the Diamond is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface. Click on different actions to make your choice. Use the keyboard to make choices when the game prompts you to do so.

Stealing the Diamond Walkthrough

Stealing the Diamond is a wacky adventure game featuring stick figure graphics. This heist game also features eleven achievements, three different endings, and a humorous story.

The objective of Stealing the Diamond is to steal a very large, very precious diamond from the museum. In order to do this, you must bust in or sneak into the museum, get past the various guards and alarms, and make it out alive.

Stealing the Diamond is very simple to navigate. The game will present you with various choices on your quest to pull of your heist. Most of these choices are made by clicking on what you want to do with your mouse, but some choices will be made by using the keyboard. Some segments reward quick thinking, so make your choice fast if you want to be successful in this adventure game!

There are multiple ways to succeed in Stealing the Diamond, and even more ways to fail! You have unlimited lives in this adventure game, so do not worry about losing. You may even want to take time out to see all of the hilarious ways in which you can fail! When you do fail, a fail-count is displayed in the lower right corner of the game's screen, as well as a count of unique fails.

Stealing the Diamond also features a ton of references to various internet memes, including "Falcon Punch", "LOL WUT", and many more. I was pleasantly surprised when one failure animation featured the Sniper from Team Fortress 2 using his trademark phrase, "Wave goodbye to your head".

Stealing the Diamond is a very fun game for fans of casual games. If you are a veteran of the "Internets", or just a person that enjoys adventure games with excellent animation and zany humor, then you will be delighted by Stealing the Diamond!