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Sprouts Adventure: Teaser Instructions

Sprouts Adventure: Teaser - as the name suggests, this version of the game is just a teaser, BUT it's a very entertaining one at that. The controls scheme of this game is very simple - just use your mouse for just about anything. Drag and drop sprouts, check and upgrade your spells, look at the world map - for those actions and more you just need to make sure your mouse is working in perfect condition.

Sprouts Adventure: Teaser Walkthrough

In this game, there are only a couple of Sprouts remaining. And they are in need of your help. So what should you do? You need to use your powers to guide them...aid them in restoring their once peaceful and prosperous existence. You need to grant or fulfill wishes, help them invent new toys to play with, and of course, assist them in rebuilding their once amazing and jaw dropping land.

Do that and you will be hailed as the deity in the world of Sprouts Adventure.

Use your mouse to click and drag your sprouts. Drop them on Magic Rocks, Flowers, Weeds, as well as Butterflies. This will keep your sprouts' life attributes all filled up. And just in case you are NOT aware, the higher the Sprouts Life Attributes are the more productive they will be when they are building structures.

Some tips and tricks: On the bottom part of the screen, there is the description area. Hover on that area to check out objects and see what they do. On the right bottom part, you will find your Spells. You will need these spells to help the Sprouts. HOWEVER, there are spells that need unlocking.

Just above the description area, you will find the Day Meter. And believe me, you need to keep an eye on it. For one thing, there are spells that can be casted during the day while some only work during night time. Just above the spells section, you will see your Karma Points. Karma Points are used to unlock those special spells.

How do you earn Karma Points? Keep doing the following things and you will have truckloads of them:

- Sprout Offerings

- Fulfill wishes from the Well

- And last BUT not the least, go ahead and start fishing

Beside the Day Meter, the World Map is located. Use it to see the Sprouts from above. This comes very handy if you are looking Sprouts, Wild Flowers, Butterflies, as well as Magic Stones.