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Sphere Core Instructions

Sphere Core is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to click on objects, use objects in your inventory, and interact with the game's interface. Click on the edges of the screen to change your view.

Sphere Core Walkthrough

Sphere Core is an escape game that requires lots of curiosity. This adventure game features delightful music, impressive graphics, and extremely challenging gameplay.

To start Sphere Core, click on the logo in the center of the title screen. Perhaps this is the first challenge of this escape game, since there is no obvious play button, some gamers might be confused by it. This foreshadows the gameplay of this adventure game, because you will have to pay very close attention to details, and you begin Sphere Core with very few clues as to which actions to take.

Sphere Core is so incredibly challenging, that you will most-likely require a walkthrough to get through. I cannot hold your hand for the entire duration of this escape game, but I will get you started. After the title screen, you will be facing a white ball that looks similar to a webcam. Your inventory, which is currently empty, is located at the bottom of the screen. Move your mouse slightly above your inventory, and click to look down. You may notice a crack in the floorboards. Click on this crack, and remove the glass and screwdriver. Click the top of the screen to look upwards again.

Click on the left edge of the screen to turn left. Take the kettle from the table to the left, and collect the circuitry tile from the right opening under the word "Enertron". When you have picked up these items, click on the left edge of the screen to turn left again. Open the cupboard under the sink and take the second half of the circuit tile. The tile is colored brown this time, so you will have to look closely for it. Hover your mouse over the area until it turns into a pointer if this will help you to find it.

There are other things to do in this room, but the last thing that I will tell you is to use your screwdriver to unscrew the panel above the biological waste can. In order to unscrew the panel, you must drag your screwdriver over each of the four screws. The panel will fall, revealing three items to collect. From here you, you must use your own skills to complete this escape game!

Sphere Core is a very in-depth room escape game that will require intuition, observance, and a keen eye for details. Sphere Core could take hours to complete, so I don't advise you to play this adventure game unless you have a lot of time to spend on it, since there is no saving system. Sphere Core is great for hardcore fans of the escape game genre, but if you are not a fan of escape games, steer clear of this one.