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Space Oddity Instructions

Space Oddity uses a point-and-click control scheme. Interact with objects by clicking them.

Space Oddity Walkthrough

Space Oddity is the name of a classic David Bowie song that was the first track on his album of the same name. Space Oddity is also the name of this point-and-click adventure game that unfortunately, has nothing to do with "The Thin White Duke". This adventure game features beautiful graphics, simple controls, and relatively-short gameplay.

The objective of Space Oddity is to find out what is causing communications problems with a top-secret space station. This adventure game uses a point-and-click control scheme. Click on objects to interact with them. You can change your perspective by clicking on the edges of the screen. Space Oddity is a relatively-short adventure game, but your progress is saved automatically, meaning that you won't have to complete the game in one sitting.

I will provide a short walkthrough to get you into the space station here, but a full walkthrough of Space Oddity is available by clicking the walkthrough button on the main menu. If you want to get the full value of this adventure game, it is best to figure things out on your own rather than spoiling it with a walkthrough though!

You begin the game in the cockpit of your ship. Turn left by clicking on the left side of the screen. Click on the palm reader to open a panel and take the cable out of the newly-opened compartment. Turn left again and click the palm reader on this wall to open the suit compartment. Pick up the oxygen tank on the floor of the closet. Click on the small gray, circular button towards the right of the screen to open yet another compartment. Collect the burner, then turn left twice. Click the palm reader to open the double doors. Move forward twice by clicking the open doors followed by the airlock door in the distance. Push the square button to the left of the airlock door to open it. Click on the open airlock to enter it, then click on the door in the distance to move towards it.

The door is locked, so you will have to weld your way through. Click on the "i" at the bottom-right of the screen to access your inventory. Click on the oxygen tank then click on the burner. Click on the new item, the oxygen-powered burner, then click on the door to weld it open. Go through the door, and you will now be inside of the station. From here on, you will have to complete your mission on your own. Good luck!

Space Oddity is an adventure game that will please fans of the point-and-click genre, but may leave David Bowie fans disappointed. Unlike other adventure games of its type, Space Oddity has graphics that are easier on the eyes and a relatively short duration of gameplay, making it appealing to casual gamers as well!