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Sonny 2 Instructions

Use the mouse and the left mouse button to select actions in the game, collect items, use items and to interact with objects or characters on the game screen.

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It was a long time in the making, but Sonny is back in Sonny 2; a turn based adventure game that proves sometimes a sequel can be just as good, if not better than the original. With two new boss zones, three levels of difficult, three new classes, five story zones, and hundreds of all new items, this game takes the basic premise of the first game and takes it to a whole new level. This is a lot more than the typical turn based adventure game. Although this game can be difficult, especially for those who haven't played the original, it is always entertaining and always engrossing. You will get frustrated, but you'll always want to keep playing just to see what comes next. Probably the greatest thing about this sequel is that it is really a stand alone game. While playing the first game will give you more of the story that makes the game so alluring, you don't have to play the first to have fun with this one. You still get the basic story and have a basic understand of what's going on, so if you don't feel like going back and playing the original, you can just skip it. If you do feel like playing it, though, there is a handy link to the original right on this game's main game screen.

The story in Sonny 2 picks up one month after the original game began. Again, it isn't necessary to play the original game to enjoy this one, but it does give the story a bit of depth. Once again, you're playing as Sonny - the man who died on a ship and was brought back to life by Louis the Blind. You have fought tooth and nail to survive this long and now you need to fight tooth and nail to survive a little longer. Although many players will be tempted to skip over the story parts of the game, that would be a mistake. The story in this game is a big part of the appeal. It unfolds slowly and really sucks you in. Take a moment or two to enjoy it. While it doesn't really affect the way the game is played, it will give the game an added level of intrigue. While many of the other turn based adventure games will give you a big story explaining the game at the start, this one really takes it time to unfold over the course of the game which keeps you wanting to play to learn the next chapter in Sonny's journey.

Getting started in Sonny 2 isn't really all that difficult, especially for fans of the original. Part of what makes this game appealing is the fact that it's much more involved than many of the other turn based adventure games online. With that in mind, this one is also much more difficult than most of the other turn based adventure games online. The actual battles themselves, though, are pretty easy to understand. To perform an attack, you simply click on the character you'd like to attack and select the move you would like to perform on them. For example, say you want to attack your enemy with a quick attack. Click on that enemy and look for the options that appear on the combat action bar (the circles around the enemy's head). Click on 'quick attack' and the move will be performed. If you want to use a move to shield yourself or decrease the damage you take from an enemy attack, you can click on your character and choose the move you want to perform on yourself. As is the case with many of the turn based adventure games online, you can only have a limited number of moves equipped at any given time. With this game, you can only have eight. Choosing the right eight moves to equip with take a little careful thinking but it is the only way to really do well in this game.

In Sonny 2, unlike most of the other turn based adventure games online, you have some say in how your teammates behave. While you aren't able to directly control them, you are able to tell them how you would like them to behave. In a lot of ways, this is better than having to outright control them which would make the game a lot more complicated. You're also able to equip your teammates with items from your inventory using the inventory screen. This means you can equip your teammates with better weapons and other items making them stronger and more efficient which will make them a much bigger help during battle.

The classes in Sonny 2 are different than the classes in the original game. Instead of Destroyer, Guardian, Assassin and Gunslinger, you have Psychological, Biological and Hydraulic. The new classes basically work the same way as the old ones with each class offering its own strengths and weaknesses during battle. Psychological allows you to wage war on your enemy's mind. This class offers some of the most powerful and devastating moves in the game but this doesn't come without risks and will differ based on the situation you're in. You have to be careful with this class, though. If the darkness takes you over, you might betray or sacrifice your allies which will not only be a mean thing to do the people helping you but will also hurt your game in the long run. The Biological class is great for beginners simply because it's very straightforward. The Biological class draws its power from its strength and speed. You have two options with the Biological class - pure devastating physical attack or assault with toxic poisons. The Hydraulic class is only available on, but is well worth checking out.

One of the greatest additions to Sonny 2 over the previous game is the ability to choose from three different difficulty levels. This really opens the game up to a wider audience. Newcomers to turn based adventure games will want to start out with 'easy'. If that is too simplistic and you don't find yourself challenged, you can move on to 'challenging'. Those with a little experience in the genre will want to start out on 'challenging'. It offers a higher degree of difficulty than 'easy' but isn't nearly as difficult as 'heroic'. 'Heroic' is extremely difficult. Only those with a lot of experience in the genre and a high degree of skill will want to tackle 'heroic' right from the start. I would recommend starting out on 'challenging' to get a feel for the game. Play through a few levels and wait for the game to get more difficult before you decide to move on to 'heroic'. Starting out on a difficult setting that is beyond your skill set will only frustrate you. If you find 'challenging' is far too easy than give 'heroic' a shot, but at least try 'challenging' first to get the most enjoyment out of the game.

As many differences as there are between Sonny 2 and its predecessor, the game screen and the basic format of the game is more or less the same. You still have to time your moves basic on the gray to blue circle at the bottom center of the battle screen, and you still have all of the same options you had on the screen between levels. Once again, the battle screen is pretty basic - you have your character and your teammates and your enemy. Between levels is where most of the complication lies. At the bottom left of the screen between levels, you have 'inventory' (click this to view your inventory and equip your characters with items), 'abilities' (where you will view and choose abilities as well as equip them), save, options, re-spec (reset all ability points) and achievements (where you can view the achievements you've earned). You'll mostly be focusing on 'inventory' and abilities between levels. This is where you can increase the strength and efficiency of your character and your teammates. Remember though, you can only equip your character or your teammates with items you have found or purchased through the shop. If you don't have the item you want, you'll need to go into the shop and purchase it, assuming you have enough cash.

If you did well in the first game in the series, you should be able to do well in Sonny 2. This game, like the first, is all about strategy and thinking carefully to form a good plan of action before you even enter battle. You're only able to equip eight abilities for battle which means there will only be eight moves you can access during battle. You need to be sure you choose the best eight abilities you have. Use your ability points for the abilities which will help you the most in battle by carefully reading their descriptions and thinking about what areas you need the most help with in your game. Use your attribute points the same way. Your brain is your greatest weapon in this game. Make sure you put it to good use. This is no easy game but if you pay attention, read item descriptions and listen to the in-game instructions, you should be able to do well. If you're a fan of turn based adventure games and are looking for a decent challenge, this is a game you need to play.