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Sneak Thief: Prime Catch Instructions

Sneak Thief: Prime Catch is controlled by using the mouse. Use your mouse to interact with objects.

Sneak Thief: Prime Catch Walkthrough

Sneak Thief: Prime Catch is the first of the Sneak Thief series of adventure games. This point-and-click game features well-drawn cartoon graphics, a fitting soundtrack, and brief gameplay.

The objective of Sneak Thief: Prime Catch is to retrieve five inventions created by Professor Bellany for a man named Don Fabiano. Is this a task from a top mafioso? Who knows. Adventure games need backstories, and that's good enough. This is a very short game; in fact, it is so short that it can be completed in less than five minutes! Despite its brevity, this adventure game saves your progress automatically, so you won't have to complete it in one sitting.

Sneak Thief: Prime Catch uses point-and-click controls. Click on items to interact with them. Some items will be collected in your inventory at the bottom of the screen. To use an inventory item, simply click on the item then click on the object that you wish to use it on. Click on the edges of the screen to move or change your perspective. Your cursor will change to a hand when you can click to perform an action. You cannot use the tab key to "cheat" in this adventure game.

Sneak Thief: Prime Catch is a very short game. I don't want to spoil the entire game for you (what would be the point of playing if I did?), but I will provide a brief walkthrough to get you started. You begin the game in an office. Click on the screwdriver to collect it, you will need it later. Turn right, then click on the grate to zoom in. use the screwdriver on the grate and collect the cypher. Back up, then turn left to face the desk again. Click the desk, then click on the bottom of the screen to look down. Click on the object with three black squares in it. You will now be zoomed in. Click on the squares to change the code in order to match the code on the cypher. The lock will break. Open the drawer and take the fish net for later use. You are on your way. Finishing this adventure game shouldn't be too difficult. Good luck!

Due to its brevity and easy gameplay, veterans of point-and-click adventure games may not find Sneak Thief: Prime Catch all-too challenging. It is a great game for casual gamers to get their feet wet in the genre, however. If you want more, you will have to play the sequels!