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ShellCore Command: Ep1 Instructions

Move left using 'a' or the left arrow key. Move right using 'd' or the right arrow key. Move up using 'w' or the up arrow key. Move down using 's' or the down arrow key. Configure skills and parts, add turrets and gather power ups using the mouse and the left mouse button.

ShellCore Command: Ep1 Walkthrough

ShellCore Command: Ep1 is a challenging and engrossing online adventure game in which your goal is to defend your base from enemy attackers. If your base gets destroyed you lose the game. The graphics are basic and simple; sort of retro style, arcade game like graphics, that are entertaining and fun for fans of classic adventure games. The controls are easy to understand and the goal is simple. You need to build up your base and command your fleet through battle after battle if you want to come out on top. As simple as the game is and as easy as the controls are to use, actually accomplishing your goal can be quite difficult. The rules of the game can be a bit easy to understand so I would recommend playing through the 'Quick Tutorial' level. The tutorial shows you the basics of how to get through the more advanced levels.

The tutorial in ShellCore Command: Ep1 will introduce you to your base but it doesn't really show you how to use your base. This part is fairly simple. Click on your base once to see the basic stats for your base; shell is shown in green and core is shown in white. To reconfigure your special skills and parts, double click on the base. You'll get a message saying you can change your shell configuration any time you want, but you need to collect things if you want to do anything more than a basic configuration change. You have two options in this screen. Your first option is to continue and change your configuration (I need to change my shell configuration) and your second option is to leave the configuration screen and return to the game (goodbye). You'll also notice that you can return to your base for repairs if parts of your ship get damaged during battle. Moving to the right on your screen you'll find the extractor. The blue field extending from the extractor releases power ups (the glowing white shapes outlined in blue). Collect these power ups to gain energy by clicking on them. You can then use the power you collect (shown at the top center of the game screen) to buy turrets to help defend your base. Double click on the extractor to buy and build turrets. You can choose from defense, siege, missile, spawn and harvester turrets. The cost is shown below the turret name. Basically, defense turrets offer general defense, siege turrets offer a long range, high impact attack but are only good for stationary targets, missile turrets offer a long range, high impact attack but are only good on moving targets, spawn turrets release mini-drones which can target nearby enemy extractors and harvester turrets automatically gather the power ups from extractors. It is a good idea to purchase a harvester turret first as you can then focus on the rest of the game and not have to worry as much about making sure you collect those beneficial power ups. As you progress in the game, you'll have more options, but basically, this is what you'll start the game with.

One of the things that ShellCore Command: Ep1 doesn't make clear in the beginning is that your objective will not always be to destroy the enemy base; which is quite unusual in the world of adventure games. Instead, your goal is to get to the other side of the screen safely without allowing your base to be destroyed. Your ship may take damage and sometimes it will even be destroyed, but when that happens, you will respawn and start from the beginning of the level. All of your turrets will be in place. If you take damage, you can return to your base at any time during the game for repairs. This adventure game is also a game of strategy, so pay attention to what you need to accomplish in each level. Figure out how you can take out the enemies with taking as little damage as possible. In almost all cases, you will need your ship to be in the best shape possible to get through the level. You have four choices on the main menu to choose from; quick tutorial, new campaign, skirmish and continue campaign. If you've already tried a campaign, you can continue where you left off. If you don't want to continue the former campaign (say you skipped the tutorial, made a mess of the campaign and want to start over after trying out the tutorial) you can choose a new campaign. Campaigns are a lot of fun. They are more level based and introduce you to an interesting and intriguing story. You can double click on an NPC to interact with it. If you choose skirmish, the basic goal is out and out war. You take on the enemy in a fight to the death. Both of these options are great and provide a good challenge.

ShellCore Command: Ep1 isn't an easy game and it can take a little while to figure out exactly what is being asked of you. Combat is difficult but if you are patient, you will get the hang of what is being asked of you. This is a wildly addictive adventure game once you get the hang of how to play. Play through the tutorial and read the instructions carefully. If you aren't quite sure what is being asked of you, try a few different things and see what works. Remember, in most levels, your goal is not to destroy the enemy base but rather to defend your own base and make it to the other end of the screen alive. You're bound to take some damage along the way. If it's too severe, take your ship back to the base and do repairs. Keep an eye on the bottom of your screen for boosts you can use to strengthen your defense and attack. There is really no better way to get to the next level in Campaign Mode.