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Rating: 4.43/5 stars (232 ratings)

Seasons Instructions

Use the WASD keys to control your character - the W key lets your character jump. Use the Q and E buttons cycle through magic spells, while clicking the left mouse button will cast spells, throw rocks, and progress through dialogue. Certain spells have certain affects - use them accordingly to progress though Seasons. Once you've found a save point, hit the spacebar at any time to teleport back to it - just make sure you don't accidentally hit the spacebar.

Seasons Walkthrough

Depending on quality storytelling more than anything else, Seasons is an adventure game that will take some time to get through - in a good way. You'll start out the game simply enough: a girl asks her grandfather to tell her a story. The following story is what you'll progress through; you'll follow the wizard-in-training Yani and his attempts to become stronger and wiser.

Yani can use spells - he'll learn new ones in between stories. Each time a new story is told, a menu will pop up, and you'll be able to select which story you'd like to play through. Since stories act like levels, you'll be able to play through any level whenever you'd like. The first levels start out easy enough - they consist of a lot of platforming.

The first level Yani must make his way through has some twists and turns. There are guide posts everywhere, so if you're not sure about what to do, just read one. Blue switches can be hit by rocks to activate platforms - letting you progress through some sections of levels. The orange and yellow spells - the first spells Yani learns - will allow you to double jump and glide; but your magical power is limited and can only be replenished by forest items like acorns.

All in all, Seasons is a great adventure game with a great story - something that many flash games don't have. Like most other adventure games, there'll be a lot of points where you may not be sure of what to do, but if you follow the game logically and rationally, you'll make it far in Seasons.