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Rolling Turtle Instructions

Who says a game needs complicated and finger twisting controls for it to be entertaining, breath taking, and exciting?! Rolling Turtle's controls scheme is very easy and straight forward - use the space bar button for jumping and the arrow buttons (left and right) for moving left or right and (up and down buttons) for zooming in andout of the screen. No complications, no irritating key combinations - BUT let me tell you this: this game is 100 percent fun!

Rolling Turtle Walkthrough

Rolling Turtle - so what is this game all about? You see, this game is about, well...a rolling turtle! And here's what you need to do - you need to guide the rolling turtle to the goal. Sounds easy? It does...until you realize that there are a lot of obstacles in the way. Not to mention the whole thing is happening in platforms suspended in mid air - you need to leap from one platfrom to another.

And to make things difficult, the turtle you are maneuvering is pretty sluggish (which is NOT that surprising). Jump over urchins (or whatever you call them. They are spiky for sure)...make the wrong step and it's game over for you and you have to start from square one.

With 55 levels you need to complete, this game will surely keep you busy for a very long time. And get this - things get harder after every level. It will take you days to finish this game. Good news - there is a save can always go back to where you left.

Here are some tips that will help you get far - minimize your jumps as much as possible. The maximum score you can make for every level is 100. For every jump or leap you make, a point is deducted from it. HOWEVER, your survival still comes first. You want to take more than the necessary jumps to finish a level and that's better than ending up forked by the sea urchins in mid air.

Also, try to take your time and figure out what is the best way to go. To help you with that, hit the down directional keys to zoom out so you can get a full view of the area. BUT mind you - there are some stages where fast fingers and quick thinking to in the 5th level where I'm still stuck for crying out loud.

Bottom line: Rolling Turtle is a nice and exciting game minus the complicated controls. Any adventure game lover will surely love it. And don't forget to save your game!