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Riddle School 2 Instructions

Riddle School 2 is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to select actions or to interact with items.

Riddle School 2 Walkthrough

Riddle School 2 is the sequel to Riddle School and the second game in this series of adventure games. Riddle School 2 features superior graphics in comparison to its predecessor and more challenging puzzles, but still retains the charm of the original game.

Riddle School 2 once again puts you in the role of Phil, a student that desperately wants to escape his school. In order to do this, you will have to you must solve puzzles by clicking on items, characters, and objects in your inventory. You cannot interact with all objects, but clicking on some items may cause your character to say something (in a speech bubble). Be sure to pay close attention to what your character says, since it may help you down the line in beating this adventure game!

Like its predecessor, Riddle School 2 requires you to have a keen eye. You will have to be even more observant in Riddle School 2 than in the first game, however, because some of the items that you will need to collect or interact with are small or inconspicuous. Do not be afraid to click anywhere in this adventure game. If an item cannot be collected or interacted with, it may still lead to another clue, or at least cause your character to say something funny.

Unlike the first Riddle School, you can press keys on the keyboard in Riddle School 2 without being taken back to the beginning of the game. The keyboard is not used to control this adventure game, but you may want to use the tab key to highlight clickable items. This can take the fun out of finding things for yourself, so I only advise doing this when you have become frustrated in trying to find everything.

Riddle School 2 is an adventure game that is a major improvement over the first Riddle School. If you enjoyed the first Riddle school or adventure games in general, you are going to love Riddle School 2!