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Riddle School Instructions

Riddle School is controlled by the mouse. Use the mouse to select actions or to interact with items. Be sure not to press any keys on the keyboard or the game will restart!

Riddle School Walkthrough

Riddle School is an adventure game that puts you in the role of a student that must escape his school. This point-and-click adventure game features great music, entertaining gameplay, and an interesting storyline.

The objective of Riddle School is to escape your school. You must solve puzzles by clicking on various objects, inventory items, and characters in order to escape. Be sure not to press any keys while playing this adventure game, however, because touching any key on the keyboard will reset all of your progress and take you back to the start of the game!

Riddle School requires you to be very observant. Do not be afraid to click on everything that you encounter in this escape game, since some unlikely objects might turn out to be inventory items that can help you in the future. Some items and characters that you click on might cause your character to say something in a speech bubble. Be sure to read this information carefully, as it may be helpful in completing this adventure game.

I cannot give you all of the solutions to Riddle School, because that would take all of the fun out of the game. As previously stated, I encourage you to be diligent in searching for items and clues. I will give you one important hint, however: the hall pass (which allows you to move to the eastern half of the school) is found in a locker. This was the most difficult item to find, and one of the most important items in the game, so you should know where to find it. You're going to have to hunt for the rest of the items yourself though!

Riddle School is an adventure game that is sure to challenge your mental skills. Riddle School is very reminiscent of the popular Newgrounds game, Pico's School, although more family-friendly, so players of all ages can enjoy this puzzle game.