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Relive Your Life Instructions

Relive Your Life is controlled by using the keyboard. Each minigame has its own set of instructions given before the minigame starts.

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Relive Your Life is a Flash game in the vein of WarioWare. This adventure game features twenty-nine endings, a humorous story, high-quality voice acting, and animation by Egoraptor, creator of Metal Gear Awesome and other Flash animations. Flash gamers may also recognize the menu music as the instrumental of the ending theme from Your Have to Burn the Rope. You might want to brew a cup of tea or get a snack while the game loads, since it is asset-heavy.

Relive Your Life chronicles the birth, life, and in some cases, death of your character in a series of minigames. You can end up a king, peasant, artist, athlete, and a variety of other professions based upon your performance in various minigames. There is even a minigame to determine your character's gender! This adventure game is designed to be played in one session, so your progress is not saved. Fortunately, one run of this game can be completed in less than five minutes (aside from the long loading time). It will take a longer time if you wish to unlock all twenty-nine endings, however.

Relive Your Life uses the keyboard as its only control device. Specific instructions for each minigame are given before the game begins. Controls range from button-mashing, to using arrow keys to enter sequences, to typing in phrases, and more. This variety of minigames and controls keeps players on their toes and gives a diverse gameplay experience. There is something for fans of rhythm games, memory games, typing games, and more.

Relive Your Life combines WarioWare-style gameplay with Doctor Seuss-esque poetry, Doctor Seuss for modern-day young adults, that is. If you are disappointed with how your life is turning out, then you can Relive Your Life in this adventure game; you can also play if you are satisfied with your life and just want to a play a fun and artistic game!