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Random Heroes Instructions

Random Heroes is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move. The C key and the L key are used to shoot. Press U to open the shop menu.

Random Heroes Walkthrough

Random Heroes is an action-oriented platform game. This shooting game features sprite graphics, five characters, eighteen levels, and thirty achievements.

Despite the name of this platform game, heroes are not randomly generated in Random Heroes. There are five characters that you may choose from, three are available at the start and the other two must be unlocked. The character that you choose has no actual effect on gameplay. Your progress, money, and upgrades are shared by all of the characters and saved at the end of each level.

Random Heroes uses a keyboard-only control scheme that is reminiscent of those of old platform games such as the original Mega Man series. All that is needed is a USB controlled and you'll feel like you're playing on the NES! The arrow keys (or WASD keys) are used to move your character. The C and L keys are used to shoot.

Unlike most adventure games where shops are only accessible at the end of each level, you may access the shop at any time by pressing the U key. Upgrades are not necessary to complete Random Heroes, but they do make the game easier. I advise buying items that increase your health before upgrading your weapons. If you do choose to buy additional weapons, keep in mind that you can only have one equipped at a time. You can come back to the shop to equip weapons that you have already bought.

Random Heroes is a splendid shooting game, but it is not perfect. This adventure game will appeal to casual gamers due to its brevity, simplicity, and lack of difficulty. Fans of platform games will get a quick thrill out of this game, but veterans of the genre may not find it challenging enough. If the game seems too easy, try playing without upgrades.