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Quietus II Instructions

Quietus II is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move your character. Press the down arrow key in front of chests to open them. Alternatively, the WASD keys can be used in lieu of the arrow keys. The M key is used to mute the game.

Quietus II Walkthrough

Quietus II is the sequel to the platform game, Quietus. Quietus II features revamped pixel graphics, forty new levels, and more challenging gameplay.

In the first Quietus, you escaped death and were able to become materially rich. Your number's up again, and your miserly ways have earned you a spot in the Underworld. Luckily for you, in Quietus II, Death has another deal with you. If you can guide a lost soul out of the depths of Hell, then you will get a chance at going through the Pearly Gates. In terms of gameplay, this platform game is the same as its predecessor. Avoid hazards and descend to the next level by reaching the exit. Your progress is saved, so you will not have to journey through all forty levels in one sitting.

Quietus II uses the same control scheme as its predecessor. The left and right arrow keys move your character in the corresponding direction. The up arrow key is used to jump. Press the down arrow key in front of chests to open them. Alternatively, you can use the WASD keys to control this platform game.

Like in the first Quietus, there is no upfront scoring in Quietus II. You can collect treasures by opening chests if you want, but doing so has no obvious effect. You may want to try to open the chests on each level for an additional challenge, but remember that it is greed that caused your character to wind up in this situation in the first place!

Like the original Quietus, Quietus II is a very challenging platform game, but who would think that escaping the bowels of the Netherworld would be easy? If you are up for a platformer with straightforward controls and challenging gameplay, or if you enjoyed the first Quietus, then you won't want to miss Quietus II!