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Portal Panic Instructions

Portal Panic is controlled by using the keyboard. Control scheme 1 (the default scheme) uses the arrow keys to move and the A and S keys to attack. Control scheme 2 uses the WASD keys to move and the J and K keys to attack. You can switch between these two control schemes in the settings menu. The spacebar is used to enter portals and to activate checkpoints. The P key pauses the game.

Portal Panic Walkthrough

Portal Panic is a platform game presented by Newgrounds, and has nothing to do with the Portal franchise; rather, this game is based on the Newgrounds Portal. P-Bot (the personified, or "robitified" keeper of the Portal) has gone on a rampage and it is up to the most popular heroes of Newgrounds to stop him!

The goal of Portal Panic is to rescue various characters from popular Newgrounds submissions and stop P-Bot. You begin the game as the Captain from Tankmen, but as you progress you will unlock other characters such as Salad Fingers and Newgrounds's famed mascot, Pico. Each character has their own unique abilities. You can switch between characters at checkpoints once you have acquired them. Your progress is also saved at checkpoints, so if you die or elect to continue the next time that you play this platform game, you will start at the last checkpoint that you passed.

Portal Panic gives you the choice of two keyboard control schemes. The default control scheme uses the arrow keys to move and the A ans S keys to attack. The alternate control scheme uses the WASD keys to move and the J and K keys to attack. Both control schemes use the spacebar to enter portals and to activate checkpoints. You can switch between control schemes under the settings menu which is accessible when you first start the game or when you pause the game (P key).

As has been the case with all games sponsored by or developed by Newgrounds, Portal Panic is par excellence. The artwork and animation are superb. Those who have frequented the Newgrounds Audio Portal will also recognize remixes of popular songs there that were used in this platform game. The only problem with Portal Panic is that some of the content may not be suitable for young children, since there is vulgarity, cartoon nudity, and toys of an adult manner that are used as weapons by some enemies.

You do not have to be a fan of Newgrounds to appreciate Portal Panic. You may not get every joke if you do not frequent the site often, but you are still in store for a fun platforming adventure game!