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Platcore Instructions

Platcore is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys (or WASD keys) to move. When using the arrow keys to move, the A key is used to activate your shield; if you are using the WASD keys to move, the up arrow key activates your shield. The spacebar is used to open doors.

Platcore Walkthrough

Platcore is a Flash game that combines elements of the platform game genre with elements of bullet hell games (sans the ability to shoot). This action game features well-designed graphics, two keyboard control schemes, catchy background music, and twenty-four achievements.

The goal of Platcore is to survive each "test" (which is this platform game's way of referring to levels) by dodging bullets and other hazards until the tie limit expires. Instead of controlling an airplane or spacecraft, as is the case in most bullet hell games, you control a robot. You have no weapons with which to destroy the turrets, lasers, and other traps, so your only option is to evade until the time limit expires. If it gets too hectic and you need a breather, you can exit the arena, retaining any cogs that you collect. Your progress is automatically saved in this action game, so you will continue from where you left off the next time that you play.

Like in most platformers, there are coin-like objects (cogs in this case) to collect in Platcore. Collecting one hundred of these will not grant you an extra life (you have unlimited lives anyway); instead, cogs are used to customize your robot. Customization of your robot does not effect its performance, unfortunately, but it is a nice touch, and there is an achievement involved! To customize your robot, visit the design labs and press the spacebar while standing on top of the platform in the center of the room. Use your mouse to interact with the shop interface.

Platcore is more difficult than most danmaku-style games, especially given the inability to shoot back! Luckily, you have access to a shield that can grant you temporary invincibility. Try to use your shield sparingly in this action game, since its energy is limited and cannot be recharged until the end of a level (or when you leave the arena). The most important tool in this game, however, is observation. Be on the lookout for flashing lights, tracers, and other warnings as they indicate that something dangerous is headed your way!

Platcore is a unique blend of platformer and avoider game that will challenge even the most hardened danmaku master. Casual gamers may find this action game to be too challenging, but the high difficulty level is made up for by the unlimited lives.