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Pirate Golf Adventure Instructions

Look left using 'd' or the left arrow key. Look right using 'a' or the right arrow key. Look up using 'w' or the up arrow key. Look down using 's' or the down arrow key. Aim your shot using the mouse. Choose the strength of your shot by holding down the left mouse button. Make your shot by releasing the left arrow button. Pause the game or view the main menu by pressing 'esc'.

Pirate Golf Adventure Walkthrough

Pirate Gold Adventure is an excellent online adventure game with fun graphics, a cute story and increasingly difficult puzzles for each level. More experienced adventure game players may find the levels a bit too easy but newcomers to this genre of game will find it just the right amount of challenging. The great thing about this game is that while the basic premise is fairly simple and the controls are easy to use, anyone that finds it too easy, can make the game more difficult by challenging themselves to beat their high score or by challenging themselves to complete each level with a set number of shots. As you progress in the game, new obstacles appear and the difficulty level gets much higher. The only real downfall of this game is that it is simply too short. When you've beaten all ten levels, you will find yourself wanting more. Try to beat your score and complete the game in fewer clicks. Even with that rather simple challenge in place you will find the desire to keep playing.

In Pirate Golf Adventures you are introduced to Caribo; a poor, shipwrecked pirate who wants only to get off the island he has become shipwrecked on. It if your job to help him do that. To help poor Caribo get off the island, you will need to complete all of the levels in the game. This isn't always an easy feat to accomplish. You are given a golf ball, a course and a hole, but this isn't like any golf course you've ever seen before. You will need to get your golf ball to the hole avoiding a wide variety of obstacles like the rather obvious water traps as well as crocodiles (or possibly alligators), cliffs, ledges, caves and even lava. The final level is perhaps the most difficult. In it, you will need to free the 'big bird' that will get you off of the island by knocking the nail out of the chain binding the bird to the island. Your hit will need to be precise, which isn't that easy to do. Along the way, you are given limited shots to pass the levels with, but all hope is not lost if you run out of shots. You can either let the ball roll and hope it ends up in the hole or you can ask your trusty parrot for help. You won't get points for completing the level if your parrot gets the job done for you, but you will at least be able to advance to the next level. Each level should take roughly ten (or less) shots for the skilled player to complete. If you complete the level in less than ten shots you will get bonus points which will help you get a higher score.

One way to make a second trip through Pirate Golf Adventure a little more fun is to challenge yourself to complete all of the levels in less than ten shots. It will take some practice and you might not be able to do it right away, but play through a few times and you'll get the hang of it. One of the most important things to remember while you're playing this game is that you can shoot your ball again even if it is in the air. Basically what this means is that you don't have to wait for your ball to land or stop rolling to take another shot. Keep this in mind in later levels as you will need to shoot while the ball is in the air to get passed certain obstacles. In addition, make sure you take advantage of the ability to move the screen view. You can look ahead in the level to get a better idea of where the hole is and what obstacles lie in front of it. This is a great way to plan your shots and figure out what you need to do to get the ball to the hole with the fewest possible shots. Look around and survey the course. You'll get much further much more quickly that way.

Overall, Pirate Golf Adventure is one of the best adventure games online simply because it breaks free of the typical adventure game mold. You are challenged to think and to use logic to get through the game with a decent score. The game isn't so frustrating that beginners won't feel prepared for the challenge but isn't so easy experienced players won't be able to find a challenge. It isn't the most difficult adventure game online, but the fun graphics and entertaining story make it a lot of fun to play. It's definitely worth playing a time or two.