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Phantom Mansion II - The North Sea Instructions

Move Hector around with the arrow keys; collect each and every treasure skull to open an exit. Keys will open locked doors, while standing on switches causes other actions. Push crates into open water to bridge certain gaps; go to scrolls to get detailed in-game help. Hit the spacebar at anytime for an in-game menu.

Phantom Mansion II - The North Sea Walkthrough

Phantom Mansion II - The North Sea is the second part of the sequel to Phantom Mansion. As a sequel, it's much better than the first game. You'll find updated gameplay, improved difficulty, and have a lot more fun playing this adventure game. The North Sea, part two, consists of more icy levels than the first part. You'll run into icy paths rather than water hazards - if you walk onto an icy path, Hector will keep gliding until the end of the path - and sometimes this can be deadly.

Since you have an unlimited amount of lives and able to restart a level at any time, via the spacebar menu, Phantom Mansion II - The North Sea is an adventure game that you can take your time with. You won't feel any pressure, just agitation at the mind-biting puzzles the game comes up with. There are plenty of levels that take only one mistake - and you'll have to restart them.

The premise of each level is simple - collect all the treasure skulls and move on. The door at the end of the level - the one you need to get through - has a skull emblazoned on it, and once you've collected all of the treasure skulls, it disappears, and you'll be able to go through it. The same goes for the overworld map - as you complete levels, new ones will open up, and skull markings will disappear.

Overall, Phantom Mansion II - The North Sea is a great sequel, and part 2 holds up just as well as part 1 does. The puzzles themselves are consistent, and as far as adventure games go, Phantom Mansion II will take a great deal of time to complete. Unless you're good with mind-bending puzzles; in that case, the game is a breeze.