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Phantom Mansion II - The Black Sea Instructions

Move Hector around with the arrow keys; collect each and every treasure skull to open an exit. Keys will open locked doors, while standing on switches causes other actions. Push crates into open water to bridge certain gaps; go to scrolls to get detailed in-game help. Hit the spacebar at anytime for an in-game menu.

Phantom Mansion II - The Black Sea Walkthrough

Phantom Mansion II - The Black Sea is the first part of the sequel to Phantom Mansion. And, as a sequel, it's much better than the first game. You'll find updated gameplay, improved difficulty, and have a lot more fun playing this adventure game. Hector is on a journey to collect as many treasure skulls as he can - and to complete each level, that's what you'll have to do.

You'll start Phantom Mansion II - The Black Sea as you would any other adventure game - on an overworld map. You'll only have two levels unlocked when you start the game, and as you complete levels, more will unlock. Each level consists of a few puzzles that block you from getting treasure skulls - as soon as you've nabbed all the skulls in a level, the exit will become unlocked, and you're free to go.

But most of the puzzles you'll run into in this adventure game won't leave you unscathed. It's a good idea to have the spacebar menu handy, since you can restart a level with it, as many levels have instances where you'll need to restart just by making a simple mistake. And although you may have to restart some levels quite a few times, the game never really drags on - it maintains a brisk pace that won't bore you.

With the opening levels delving into gathering keys, pushing crates, and stepping on switches, later levels become much more complex. Phantom Mansion II - The North Sea is part 2 of this sequel, but until you finish all the levels in part 1, there's no need to start playing another adventure game; one Phantom Mansion game at a time is plenty.