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Rating: 4.61/5 stars (1048 ratings)

Papa Louie Instructions

Use the left and right arrow keys to move Louie back and the forth. Pressing the spacebar will allow Louie to jump, while holding it will let Louie glide mid-air. Press the Z key to hit enemies when close; holding the Z key will give Louie a poised walk when combined with the left and right arrow keys. Pepper bombs can be thrown with the X key. Repeatedly tap the spacebar to break free from cheese monster attacks.

Papa Louie Walkthrough

Papa Louie combines elements of adventure games, platforming games, and if it could be compared to anything - it'd be closest to something like Super Mario World. In each level, you'll collect coins, destroy enemies (by jumping on them and throwing pepper bombs), and collect pizza boxes. You'll only be able to complete a level if you have enough pizza boxes in hand, and once you've finished a level, you'll go to the overworld map - and on to the next level.

Unlike most other adventure games, though, Papa Louie is challenging while still being fun. The only way to collect pizza boxes - and eventually complete the level - is to destroy cheese monsters. And they can be difficult to fight; you'll have to reflect the cheese they spit at you, and once they've reverted to their pizza box form, you'll be able to carry them. But, whenever you get hit while holding pizza boxes, you'll have to pick them back up and finish carrying them to the end of the level.

While it may sound like a lot of things to keep in mind, you won't have any trouble playing Papa Louie. The controls are easy to grasp, especially once you've completed the tutorial level, and the rest of the game is definitely worth playing. There aren't many adventure games out there with the replay value that Papa Louie has, since it's just like Super Mario World - something you'll want to play again as soon as you've beaten it.