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As far as controls go, there's nothing to be frowned upon this game - Pandas Bigger Adventure. It's very easy and straightforward. This point and click adventure game only requires your mouse for interaction - point and use the left click button to pick up items, unlock doors, open time machines, interact with characters on the screen and everything else in between.

Pandas Bigger Adventure Walkthrough

If you loved part 1 of this game - Pandas Big Adventure, then you will definitely go nuts for Part 2. So what's the story in Panda's Bigger Adventure? As you can rememberin Part 1, Panda's life went wild and exciting...turning into a roller coaster of discovery, adventure, and thrill after he found a time travelling portable toilet.

Going up against the mummies of Egypt, replacing King Arthur and helping Merlini in his quest against evil, sail on a pirate ship, crossing paths with the former kings of the land - dinosaurs, and even seeing Frankenstein's monster get raised from the dead - these are just some of the adventures that Panda has gone through.

Pandas Bigger Adventure offers even more! This time, Panda should help the creator and real owner of the time machine portaloo and free him from a space prison (Robo Fortress Prison) which is set into the future - that's year 2187 (I don't know if I would live to see what would happen in that year). Anyway, back into the game, to set the poor guy free, Panda has to travel back in time...again.

This time, he has to venture back into Ancient Italy. Along with that, he also has to dodge bullets and survive the wrath of the Second World War. And to top it off, Panda must go back to Wild Wild West...and when America was still ruled by the mobs with guns. So what is his mission? He needs to do all of these to break the encryption key, set the poor and imprisoned creator of the Portaloo time machine, and of course, get back home to grab some hobnobs as well as a cup of tea.

If you are on the hunt for an action packed where thinking and good decision making comes first instead of fast reflexes and spamming the left click button, then Pandas Bigger Adventure is a game you shouldn't miss. Oh! If you missed the action in part 1 of this game - Panda's BIG Adventure, by all means, give it a shot.