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One and One Story Instructions

One and One Story is controlled by using the keyboard. The arrow keys are used to control your character. The Z key is used to switch characters. The R key is used to restart the level. Gameplay mechanics change throughout the game, so pay attention to

One and One Story Walkthrough

One and One Story is a unique adventure game that also features puzzle game and platforming game elements. One and One Story features great audio, cool graphics, and a whimsical storyline.

The objective of One and One Story is to unite the blue male character with the red female character on each level. In order to do this, you will have to avoid traps, avoid falling from great heights and solve puzzles to reunite the two on each level of this adventure game. As you progress through each chapter of One and One Story, the gameplay mechanics will change, so be sure to read the story's text to gain clues as to how to solve puzzles. If you fail a level, you have infinite retries. You can also restart a level manually by pressing the R key.

I will not give you a complete walkthrough since that would ruin the fun of One and One Story, but I can give you some hints for the first two chapters. In the first chapter, you will alternate between the two characters to solve puzzles. The first levels of this chapter are straightforward, but as you progress you will have to switch between the two characters. Make sure to look before you leap, and remember that you will lose if one of your characters is crushed by a block or falls too far.

The second chapter of One and One Story is more challenging than the first because you are only put in control of the male character. The clue here is "When she saw me, she ran to me." This literally means that the female character will try to run towards you when she is facing you. The female character will intermittently turn toward you and away from you. If she has a clear line of sight to your character, she will move forward. If you want her to move forward, get in her line of sight, but if you want her to stop, hide. This woman most really have the hots for your character because she can see through pushable blocks and she will even try to run over spikes, so make sure to hide from her if you don't want her to run into danger!

One and One Story is a lengthy and challenging puzzle game with eight chapters, so it may behoove you to take a break when you get tired. This adventure game saves your progress, but it does so on a chapter-by-chapter basis, meaning that if you choose to continue your game at a later time, you will have to do so from the first level of the chapter that you wish to continue from.

One and One Story is a lovely puzzle game that uses an excellent storyline to clue players on changing gameplay mechanics. One and One Story is an adventure game that you are sure to love.