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Office Escape Instructions

Office Escape is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to click on objects, use objects in your inventory, and interact with the game's interface.

Office Escape Walkthrough

Office Escape is a point-and-click escape game. This adventure game features semi-three-dimensional graphics, simple controls, and no music. If music helps you to concentrate, then you can use your favorite MP3 player and listen to your own tunes while you play this escape game.

Office Escape puts you in the role of a worker that has suddenly forgotten how to leave the office. Since you're not getting paid any overtime, there is no need to stay stuck in the office. You're going to have to think your way out in this escape game, using items that you find and completing various minigames. I will provide a walkthrough of this adventure game below, but if you want to figure things out for yourself (which I strongly advise), then please ignore the text below.

When you begin Office Escape, you will be facing the door to get out, but you won't be able to just walk out. Click on the left side of the rug in front of you, and pick up the item underneath it. Close the item display, and click on the arrow to the left of the screen to turn left. Click on the drawers to zoom in, and click on the bottom drawer. Retrieve the ball from the drawer, then click the down arrow to back up. Click on the laptop to begin the first minigame in this escape game.

The objective of this minigame is to turn all of the circles white. Clicking on one circle will change its color, along with the circles directly above, below, left, and right of the circle that you clicked. In order to quickly beat this minigame, click on the following circles: (1, 2), (2, 4), (3, 1), (4, 3) where the first number of each set represents the horizontal position from left to right, and the second number of each set represents the vertical position from bottom to top. When you have completed this minigame, collect the card that the laptop prints out and back up.

Click on the clock above the desk, and take the ball from the twelve 'o clock position. Back up and turn left. Click on the duck statue sitting on the cabinet to zoom in on it, then click on the statue's head. Its head will bobble a bit, then its mouth will open once its head stops bouncing. Take the key out of the statue's mouth. Back up, open the rightmost cabinet, and do the same to the duck statue found inside. You will have to wait a bit longer for this one's mouth to open. Collect the key inside once it does.

You now have both keys needed to open the middle doors to the cabinet. Do so, and collect the items inside. Click on the two items on the wall that look like faces to zoom into them. Click on the "mouth" of the left "face", then collect the key that comes out of the "mouth" of the right "face". Back up, and take a look under the cabinet by clicking on its shadow. Click on the ball to the right of the screen to collect it.

Turn left again, and click on the hat rack. Hover your mouse over each of the four balls until you find one that you can click then collect it. Back up, then check under the couch to collect another ball. Turn around until you see the laptop that you played the first minigame of Office Escape on.

Once you see the laptop, zoom in on the drawers. You now have the key, so unlock the top drawer and take the paper. This paper is a grid that represents where you are going to place the balls. Go back to the laptop, and play the minigame again. Click on the appropriate circles according to the paper that you just collected, and note the locations of the white circles. Turn around twice (in any direction) then click on the black fixture on the wall. Place the balls into the appropriate slots (represented by the pattern that you noted from the laptop) by clicking on the slots. A panel to the left will turn orange; click on the bottom slot and retrieve the fourth key of this escape game from the top slot.

You're almost home free! Turn around to the front door of the office, and click on the panel that was locked at the start of this adventure game. Click on the two cards in your inventory (should be the second slot down) and drag them so that one is on top of the other. Look closely and you will notice three numbers. This is the combination that you have to enter into the keypad. Exit out of your inventory, and enter the combination. The door is open, you're not done yet? What a ripoff!

There is another secret that you must discover before completing Office Escape. Click on the keys (third item in your inventory) and line them up until three more numbers appear in the space between them (if you cannot see it, the keys form "235") and enter this into the code pad. Back up, and enter the secret hallway that appear to the left of the door.

Congratulations! You have beaten Office Escape, but you used a walkthrough to do it. If you want beating this escape game to be a real accomplishment, come back when you have forgotten what to do, you if you can somehow obtain a neuralizer, play it again for the first time.