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noitcelfeR Instructions

The keyboard is used to control noitcelfeR. Use the arrow keys to move.

noitcelfeR Walkthrough

Reflection spelled backwards is noitcelfeR, which is also the name of this puzzle platform game. This adventure game features simple controls, twenty-five challenging levels, and a pumped-up soundtrack.

The objective of noitcelfeR is to traverse the stage and make it to the right side of the screen on each level. As is typical in platform games, you will have to deal with enemies and traps along the way. You are given unlimited lives, so dying is not an issue. Your progress is saved as well, so you can stop playing anytime you need to and continue from where you left off at a later time.

A simple keyboard control scheme is used in noitcelfeR. The left and right arrow keys move your character in the respective direction. Use the up arrow key to jump. There are no special abilities in this platform game. Instead of relying of special powers, you will have to rely on skill and observation of detail.

On its surface, noitcelfeR is not a very challenging platform game. The initial levels consist of jumping over obstacles, jumping on enemies to kill them, and making it to the right side of the screen. The difficulty ramps up on later levels, however, as you will have to contend with invisible platforms, spikes, and enemies! Pay attention to the reflection of the stage, since invisible platforms, spikes, and enemies show up in the reflection. You cannot get away with just looking at the reflection, however, because not all visible objects have reflections! You will have to pay close attention to both the "real world" and the "reflected world", especially on later levels.

If you enjoy platform games, but you are tired of the same old mundane style of gameplay, then give noitcelfeR a try. This adventure game requires all of the jumping skills that you'd need in a typical platformer, plus strong attention to detail to avoid tricks and traps!