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Nicholas' Weird Adventure 2 Instructions

Nicholas' Weird Adventure 2 is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to interact with people and items.

Nicholas' Weird Adventure 2 Walkthrough

Nicholas' Weird Adventure 2 is the sequel to the adventure game, Nicholas' Weird Adventure. Nicholas' Weird Adventure 2 picks up the story where its predecessor left off and features improved graphics and a new inventory interface.

Nicholas' Weird Adventure 2 takes place after the events of the first Nicholas' Weird Adventure. If you have not yet played the first game I advise you to stop reading this game's description and play its forerunner if you do not wish to spoil the story.

You begin this adventure game outside of the mall. You now have the Ramon Osborn DVD in your possession, so all you have to do is go home and watch it. Or so you think. The dark wizard, Morth, wants the DVD for himself. After some dialogue (use the up and down arrow keys to select dialogue and the spacebar to say it), you will learn that your copy of the DVD is special, and whoever collects all three special-edition DVDs will have gain the Walrus Power and be able to rule the world! No matter what choices you make, Morth will take the DVD and teleport you to Eumoritown. Your job is to get your DVD back; while you're at it, you might as well find the other two as well. Walrus power and Ramon Osborn (whoever that is) make for a splendid weekend!

You may want to get accustomed to your new surroundings. The houses in Eumoritown do not have doors, so you can conveniently walk right into any of them. The house in the upper-left corner of Central Eumoritown is inhabited by an old man. Listen to his stories to learn more about the area. After listening to his first story, "The Tale of the Walrus Temple", you will learn of a secret temple in the town's sewers. This is your first quest. Leave the house and head north. Talk to the man blocking the manhole. He won't let you in now, but he will if you bring him a pie.

Return to Central Eumoritown and walk into the house on the right. Talk to the girl and she will offer you some pie. She will ask you if the pie was good. If you answer yes, she will continue to ask, "Really?", so just tell her no. She will throw a fit and leave the room, dropping the pie into the trash as she does. Take the pie from the trash and give it to the man blocking the sewers (serves him right for standing in your way in the first place). Now you can enter the sewers. Good luck finding the temple and completing the DVD collection; Walrus Power will be yours!

Nicholas' Weird Adventure 2 is even more bizarre than its predecessor. Aside from the extra dosage of quirky humor, this adventure game is also more complex than its forerunner, and will take more time to complete. Unfortunately, there is still no save system, so if you want to complete the game from start to finish, I advise playing when you can set aside about an hour to complete the game.