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Nelly Instructions

Nelly is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move. The spacebar is used to interact with objects and the A and S keys activate your special abilities.

Nelly Walkthrough

Nelly is a story-driven platform game that follows the eponymous little girl. This adventure game features simple controls, superb graphics and animations, and a whimsical storyline.

Nelly begins with the eponymous little girl following a butterfly outside of her house. As she chases the insect, the ground opens up beneath her, and she falls into a strange, new world, filled with dangerous traps, vicious beasts, and imposing puzzles. The goal of this adventure game is to pass each screen. A highly-skilled player can complete the game in less than ten minutes, but most players will probably take longer. Your progress is automatically saved in this platform game. You can continue from where you left off the next time that you play by clicking the bookmarks on top of the right page of the storybook after the game loads.

The keyboard is used to control Nelly. The arrow keys are used to move. Once you have acquired the powers, the A key may be used to make hidden objects appear and the S key can be used to make certain objects vanish. The effects of these powers are temporary, so you will have to be quick to properly utilize them. It should also be noted that these powers have a cooldown timer (indicated in the upper-right corner of the screen) so you will have to wait some time before using them again.

Nelly is a well-made adventure game, but it is not without its flaws. There are some points in the game that may glitch, causing you to fall through platforms. This usually happens at checkpoints where the game reloads after your character dies. Usually the problem will resolve itself, but if it does not, your only option will be to refresh your browser and reload the game. Also, it seems that Nelly does not jump high enough to clear many of this platform game's obstacles. The game is beatable, however, so you will just have to have lots of patience and keep trying.

Aside from its glitches and a few gameplay flaws, Nelly is a solid adventure game. Platform game purists that expect to solve all of their problems by jumping on enemies may be disappointed, but those that appreciate a good story and challenging puzzles will adore Nelly!