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My Island [RPG] Instructions

Use the arrow keys to move your character; the C, X, and Z keys to activate running shoes and cars - these increase your walking speed greatly. Increase your stats as quickly as possible - some stats are more important than others, though: intelligence is useful when you're applying for a job, strength is useful for fighting, jobs, and becomes your total hp; popularity is important when you want people to think you're cool.

My Island [RPG] Walkthrough

My Island [RPG] is an adventure game where you won't have to battle monsters or complete quests - you just have to get rich. And there are plenty of ways to do that in My Island [RPG]; you can fight random pedestrians or bar patrons for quick cash, or you can do the responsible thing and get a job.

Depending on your stats, though, you may lose every fight you try to get into and never be able to get a job. Training is just as important as making money and you'll be able to increase your stats at the bar, the school, and even at work. Since My Island [RPG] is an adventure game, it wouldn't be much of an adventure if you didn't have to work your way up.

So, when you're getting tired of travelling back and forth to and from your low-paying job, you can purchase things in the meantime to make things go smoother. For instance, at the store, you can purchase running shoes or even a car - these increase your walking speed greatly and make the game move at a much greater pace. Next, you can purchase an alarm clock that gives your character much more work availability - when you sleep, you'll regain nearly all of your energy.

Once you've landed yourself a real job, you'll really start making money, and you'll finally be able to purchase buildings and stores on the island. Once purchased, they'll make you way more money than you ever would have made just going to work - so it's worth waiting for. Overall, My Island [RPG] is a fun adventure game that takes some time to complete - but it's the journey; not the destination.