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Rating: 4.41/5 stars (27 ratings)

Morningstar Instructions

Morningstar is controlled by using the mouse. Point and click to interact with the game's interface, as well as perform actions in this thrilling sci-fi game.

Morningstar Walkthrough

Morningstar is a point-and-click adventure game. This science fiction game features amazing graphics, amazing cinematic cutscenes, remarkable audio, and captivating gameplay.

Morningstar puts you in the suit of an astronaut whose ship has crash-landed on a hostile, desolate world. You will have to repair your ship and solve the mysteries of this plant in order to make it off of the planet alive!

When you first begin Morningstar, you are treated with a dazzling introductory cutscene explaining the story so far. The cutscene contains no textual or audio dialogue, but gets you prepared for what to expect on your journey. This cutscene is such a visual treat, that it looks like it has come straight from a cinematic trailer. If you want to view this introduction again, you may do so from the main menu. Once you are ready to begin this adventure game, you may click the button labeled "New Game", or if you would like to continue a previously-saved game, click the button labeled "Load Game".

Morningstar is controlled entirely by using the mouse and is presented from a first-person perspective. Scroll your mouse cursor to the edges of the screen to scroll your view (you may be able to pan your view horizontally or vertically). Be sure to pay close attention to detail. You may click on objects to interact with them when text appears below your cursor. Be sure to pay attention to communiques in the upper portion of the game's interface, since these will move the story along as well as provide you with hints to complete this adventure game.

Like many adventure games, Morningstar features a variety of items that must be used to complete your quest. There items will appear in the inventory at the bottom of your screen once they are collected. In order to use items, simply click on the item that you wish to use. Your mouse cursor will then become that item, and you will be able to use the item with other items in your inventory, or objects in the game by clicking on the object that you wish to try to interact with.

Morningstar is a huge adventure game with a lot to explore. If you need to take a break at any time, you may save your game by choosing the option in the menu. To access the game's menu, simply click the menu button in the upper-right of the game's interface.

Morningstar is a thrilling sci-fi adventure game with an engrossing storyline. I'm not going to give away the details here, so if you want to find out more, you're going to have to play Morningstar; you'll be glad that you did!