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Monsters' Den: Book of Dread Instructions

Only control used is the left-mouse-button to interact with the game world.

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An adventure game that can be considered a Roguelike, or dungeon crawlers like Wizardry in general. Monster's Den The Book of Dread is about creating a party of four adventurers and breaking through the dungeon's hoards for treasure and wealth. There's also the whole save the world thing but everyone knows adventurers require treasure and wealth more than anything.

The gameplay of Monster's Den is simple. You are presented with a top-down view of a map that represents the dungeon you are raiding. The dungeon rooms are entered by clicking on them, and they can hold monsters, treasure, or healing altars.

When you find treasure, you will be presented with a screen that shows what you found, and can choose to keep or discard the contents of the chest. But be warned, once you discard an item you cannot get it back.

You can also fight monsters by going into the same room as them. There are three types of battle, normal, boss, and legendary. Normal battles pit you against your bog-standard enemies, boss battles have a unique monster with a unique 100% drop, and legendary battles have you take on a mythological monsters such as a Gorgon and are not to be taken lightly.

There are seven classes to choose from in Monster's Den, each with its own abilities and equipment access.

The Warrior is an armor specialist who can dish out solid amounts of damage to his opponents. His overall best skill is Overwhelm, which requires him to eschew his armor to use it to its fullest potential.

The Cleric is a healer and anti-undead specialist. They can raise fallen party members, heal wounds, and grant buffs. Their smite ability makes incredibly short work of the undead and a cleric with high intelligence can end battles before they even begin.

Mages are spell casters with a handful of tactical abilities that attack both directly and indirectly. A whole team of magi in Monster's Den can annihilate entire squads of enemies and bosses before they even get a turn in. However, they cannot wear heavy armor and have low HP, making them fragile.

Barbarians are much like fighters, but can reduce enemy stats and ruin their morale. Their Whirlwind Attack ability makes them ideal for a first-strike allowing them to strike up to four targets at once in a single blow.

Rangers are ranged attackers, and are extremely powerful allies. Their Hail of Arrows ability can get a huge head start, and Pin can keep the stronger monsters at bay while your other teammates chop them up.

Conjurors are summoners who call monsters that slowly heal the party or summon a violent dire wolf. They can also raise the dead, improve party defense, and knock the enemies about the battlefield.

Rogues are fragile, but they can open up massive weaknesses in their enemies, such as sharply reducing their power or instantly killing a stunned enemy.

In the battle itself, you have to keep a few things in mind. As long as there are enemies on the front line, you cannot attack back-row enemies in melee. Likewise, someone on the leftmost side of the battlefield cannot melee someone on the rightmost side and vice versa unless they are the sole enemy on that row. Monster's Den is a game where teamwork and synergy will allow you to beat the strongest enemies without breaking a single sweat about it.

The turn order in Monsters Den is determined by quickness and resets once everyone has had a turn. By paying attention to the turn order you can pick out the best targets for a swift death.

After clearing the campaign selected at the start, you can dungeon-crawl infinitely against several themed floors until you give up and quit the game. With very few exceptions, you don't have to kill all monsters on each floor, but many will get in your way on the road to the exit.


A ranger with a good bow, especially one with a high chance of instant death or a high poison rating, can be absolutely devastating in the first round of battle. Getting 20 Power Regeneration on a ranger means that two of these can be used in consecutive rounds.

Focusing on getting multi-hit attacks like Whirlwind and Cleave makes battles several times easier as they take very little penalty to damage.

Save those healing altars for the bosses of the floor. You can tell it's a boss because of the 's around their names. Bosses drop unique items that are among the best items in the game.

The ideal position for a barbarian is on the left or the right, while warriors should be in the middle. This allows their multi-target attacks to be used to their maximum potential.

Even if the Warrior's Overwhelm deals triple damage to enemies slower than her, her low defense and being on the front line will make her vulnerable. Use with caution.

Try not to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of drops. Just use the Recommended tab on the inventory and it will serve you well.