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Monster Truck Maniac 2 Instructions

Use the left and right arrow keys, the left mouse button, and whatever else is necessary to control your monster truck depending on the mini-game you're playing. Customize the look and shape of your monster truck in the options menu - as you complete certain missions, you'll unlock new parts and colours to customize your monster truck with.

Monster Truck Maniac 2 Walkthrough

Monster Truck Maniac 2 is as much of an adventure game as it is a racing game - because there's no racing at all. Made up from a bunch of mini-games, Monster Truck Maniac 2 is an adventure game where you'll have to push your truck to its physical (and gravitational) limits.

At the start of the game, you can choose to just play mini-games, or you can play missions - which, once certain missions are completed, will grant you new truck colors and body shapes. Plus, there are 32 missions to complete overall - 16 factory missions and 16 country missions. Each has its own unique difficulty, and some rely on chance more than others.

For instance, one of the mini-games you'll encounter in the country missions involves bouncing your monster truck as far as you can; to do so, you'll drive it off a ramp, but it will only go so far - depending on what mines are buried in the ground, your truck might not get very far, or it just may keep going.

However, there are plenty of games that don't rely on chance - sea mines, for instance, is a factory game where you'll have to bounce your monster truck across mines with the left and right arrow keys. Although the placement of each sea mine is random, it's up to your skill to get as far as possible.

Some missions will have you shooting for a certain distance; others will want you to destroy a certain number of mines or bombs before the objective is considered complete. Overall, Monster Truck Maniac 2 is an adventure game that is ridiculously fun - the mini-games themselves are crazy; from jumping over a certain number of busses to making it a few thousand feet into the air, you'll want to replay this game as soon as you've beaten it.