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Mogo-Mogo Instructions

Mogo-Mogo is controlled by using the mouse. Click on hotspots (indicated by white circles) to interact with objects.

Mogo-Mogo Walkthrough

Mogo-Mogo is a point-and-click adventure game and the prequel to the 2009 MTV Game of the Year winner, Little Wheel. Mogo-Mogo ties into the story of Little Wheel and retains the artistic atmosphere of its predecessor. It should be noted that although the designers of this game did not intend to be offensive, some character designs may resemble negative stereotypical Blackface imagery.

Your goal on each level of Mogo-Mogo is to find the glowing blue orb in order to progress to the next level. This adventure game does not use a save game system, but instead uses a password system. If you know the passwords (we're not going to give them here, but you can probably find a list somewhere on the Web), you can skip to any level that you please. If you decide to play the honest way (which we recommend), then you will have to jot down the passwords. This mechanism is a bit strange to use in an age where Flash game data can be saved, but prevents the use of shared object cookies taking up disk space.

Mogo-Mogo is a short and relatively easy puzzle game. The controls are straightforward, and there should not be a problem solving most puzzles. We will guide you through the first two levels to get you started. On the first level, you must rotate the conveyor until a blue circle falls to the ground. Click the red wheel inside of the white circle to move the conveyor, then click on the white ball on the ground to move it. Repeat this process until a blue ball falls to the ground. Click on the blue ball, then click on the white light to enter Dreamworld and progress to the next level. Notice that all objects that can be clicked are surrounded by a white circle.

The second level will begin with you exiting a red ribbon or train of some sorts. Click on the white circle at your feet to jump down. Click on the circled blue orb to walk towards the tree; the blue orbs will fly to the other tree. Click on the blue orbs here, and they will fly back to the first tree. Click on the starry white circle on the left tree so that your helper can fly there. The blue orbs will now drift to the right tree and you will be able to pick one. Proceed through the hole in the ground. Level three is up to thee (along with the other subsequent levels). This adventure game shouldn't be too difficult to figure out; just keep at it and you will eventually complete it!

If you enjoyed Little Wheel, then give Mogo-Mogo a try. Not only will you get more of the same entertaining gameplay, but you will be able to peer deeper into the backstory of the adventure game's universe!