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Rating: 4.83/5 stars (6 ratings)

Mitta on Starryland Instructions

Move left using the left arrow key. Move right using the right arrow key. Jump using the up arrow key. Guide the star using your mouse.

Mitta on Starryland Walkthrough

In Mitta on Starryland, a delightful online adventure game, you are Mitta and your only goal is to rescue the sunstar. To rescue the sun star you will need to collect all of the stars in the level. It sounds pretty basic, but it's actually quite difficult and gets increasingly more difficult as you progress in the game.

The rules of Mitta on Starryland are pretty easy to understand. You need to travel through the level to collect all of the stars by jumping onto and off of obstacles while avoiding bad guys. Collect all of the stars and then rescue the sunstar (it's different from the other stars and only apears after all of the other stars have been collected) to move on to the next level. If one of the bad guys touches you, you will lose a life. Your lives are shown in the upper left side of the game screen. You begin the game with five and if you lose them all, your game is over. This basic premise isn't terribly uncommon in online adventure games but that doesn't make this one any less entertaining. The graphics are cute but won't distract you from the task at hand. What makes this game different from most other online adventure games is that you are only able to see a portion of the screen at any one time; the part of the screen that is illuminated by the star. You can move the star around the screen using your mouse as the star is your cursor in this game, but as you progress in the game and reach higher levels more bad guys will appear and make it harder for you to focus on seeing where you're going. The game starts off fairly easy, but even in the beginning, getting the hang of the controls will be a bit tricky. Give yourself time and you'll do fine. The bad guys repeat through the screen so pay attention to the order they appear in, look for a pattern and plan your moves around them. The bad guys on their own aren't that difficult to deal with. The lack of total screen visibility isn't that hard to deal with on it's own either. It is when those two things are combined that real difficulty enters the game.

The great thing about Mitta on Starryland is that the graphics are fun and the controls are easy to understand so newcomers won't feel overwhelmed or incapable of playing the game, while the unique aspects of the game and the truly challenging nature of later levels will please even the most experienced adventure game player. There is really something for everyone here. Even kids can give this one a shot. Kids might not be able to get far in the game at first, but let them play for a little while and they'll pick up how the game is played. The cute graphics and fun music will keep their attention and parents, don't worry about the game wasting their time. Playing this game can help children learn about logic, planning and quick thinking - definitely not bad things. Don't be surprised if you find yourself playing just as much as them though. This one is incredibly addictive.