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Luke Instructions

Luke is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with objects and people, use inventory items, and to travel.

Luke Walkthrough

Today's dating scene is filled with gold-digging women. We see it on TV, we read about it on Internet blogs, and now, they have even invaded Flash games! Luke is a point-and-click adventure game where you play the eponymous character, who happens to be the richest man in California. After a single date with a woman who has been through two divorces (and the alimony from both), she wants to get married. Somehow, you will have to escape the clutches of this woman and remain a free bachelor!

Luke is controlled like any other point-and-click adventure game. Click on people to talk to them or items to interact with them. Click on items in your inventory to use them. If an inventory item cannot be used, it will not go to waste, so trial-and-error works if you're having trouble solving a puzzle. Click on the map to travel to different locations in the city. Unfortunately, there is no save system, but it is possible to beat the game in less than five minutes if you are very quick, so it can be beaten in one session.

Getting out of the scope of a gold-digger is hard work. For this reason, I will provide a brief walkthrough to help you get through the beginning of this adventure game. After the initial cutscenes, you will find yourself in a restaurant with your date. Pick the fork up off of the table; it may come in handy later. Click on the map and go to the wedding outlet. Use your fork on the power box and collect the feather that falls from the perched bird. Now, go to the wedding chapel. Dig in the trash can to find an empty cup, then enter the chapel. Fill the cup with holy water at the fountain, then talk to the lady to set your wedding date as the gold-digger ordered. Don't worry, you'll have a surprise in store for her. I'll let you figure out the rest for yourself though!

If you are a fan of point-and-click adventure games and prefer a brief duration of gameplay rather than a long, drawn-out experience, then you will enjoy Luke. Something tells me that men's rights activists will also appreciate this adventure game.