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Rating: 4.6/5 stars (53 ratings)

Little Wheel Instructions

Use the mouse and the left mouse button to interact throughout the rooms.

Little Wheel Walkthrough

Little Wheel is one of the most adorably original adventure games online. There is nothing complicated or overdone about it. The graphics, sounds and challenges all add to the game without going over the top. It isn't a game that's going to keep you glued to your computer for hours at a time, but it is the kind of game that will help you stave off boredom for a little While. It's a great little time waster even if it really doesn't go beyond that. It's worth playing just for the originality of the premise, the story you get with the game and the fun sort of vibe that it offers. If you're looking for an addictive game that's going to keep you addicted and coming back for more, just hold off on that search for a few minutes and amuse yourself with this one.

The basic story behind Little Wheel is that there was a whole city filled with little robots going out their robot lives. Then suddenly, something horrible happens - the power goes out. What happens to those poor little robots? Without electricity, there is no life. 10,000 years later, lightening strikes the tower where our hero - the robot you will be controlling throughout the game - ran out of juice and met his end. Well, more of a pause, I suppose. It is up to you to guide your little robot through the rooms in the game to reach the main power source and bring his robot city back to life. Will you succeed? More than likely - as long as you don't mind solving a few puzzles along the way.

It may sound like Little Wheel is an easy adventure game and in some ways I suppose it is. There are no complicated upgrades, controls or missions. There's no time limit and there's really no danger. Your poor little robot is going to take some hard tumbles as he tries to make his way to his destination and fate as a hero, but remember, he's a robot and robots are tough. The challenge lies in the puzzles and figuring out what you need to do to solve the puzzles presented to you. This is going to mean using your brain. Some of the puzzles are a bit tricky (especially the last one) and will take a lot of thinking, but there isn't a single level in this game that can't be beaten. All of the puzzles have solutions. It might take you a few tries to get that solution, but don't get frustrated or lose your patience. Frustration is only going to make those puzzles harder.

In order to get through Little Wheel, you really need to pay attention to the environment surrounding your robot. All of the things you need to interact with to solve a puzzle will be highlighted in a white circle, but you need to know the right order. Use logic. Logic is your best friend in this game. Try to figure out what you're trying to accomplish with each puzzle because that isn't always clear. For example, in one of the rooms, your train crashes and you might think you need to put it back on the tracks. You don't. Be creative. Try a few different things. All I'll say for sure is that the solution does involve the crashed train and the crane, but beyond that, you'll have to figure it out.

Overall, Little Wheel isn't the kind of adventure game you're going to be playing for hours on end and coming back to over and over again, but it is a fun little game that will help you kill a little time in an entertaining way. It offers its own unique challenges without being needlessly complicated. The real thrill of this one lies in the mental challenge you are offered. It isn't about being quick with a gun or a sword. It's about being able to think logically and find the solution and that is what makes it so appealing. If you like adventure games that challenge your mind, have great graphics and fun stories, you need to give this one a shot. The only problem with it is that it ends way too soon.