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Legends of Kong Instructions

Legends of Kong is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move. The spacebar (or the X key) is used to attack and the Q key is used to switch weapons. The escape key pauses the game.

Legends of Kong Walkthrough

Legends of Kong is an role-playing platform game sponsored by Kongregate ("Kong") and developed by Nerdook, maker of popular games such as Kill the Heroes and Zombies Took My Daughter. Legends of Kong features colorful graphics, nine achievements, and a horde of weapons and upgrades!

In Legends of Kong, innocent civilians have been turned psycho by neurotransmitters placed throughout the city. It is up to you to destroy these transmitters and save the city. Instead of going back in time with a commando team (a la Yuri's Revenge), you will take control of top game developers from Kongregate. After each level's transmitter has been destroyed, you will have to return to your car with your life in order to unlock the next level. Your progress is automatically saved, so you do not have to complete this adventure game in one sitting.

Upon the completion of each level, you will be able to purchase upgrades. I advise you to buy a gun as soon as possible. Powerups that increase your health and reduce damage taken from enemies are also crucial in this platform game. If you need more money, you can replay previously-beaten levels. Unlike most platform games where is pays to kill all enemies, pacifism sometimes pays off in Legends of Kong since money is earned for each surviving enemy at the end of the level as well.

Legends of Kong can be played as an action game, but it is an adventure game at its core. As stated in the paragraph above, it is not always a good idea to engage enemies since you will earn extra money for enemies left alive. It is also a good idea to run from strong enemies to stay alive! If you stay out of enemies' lines of sight, then you will not be spotted. If you are spotted, stay out of their sight for nine seconds and they will stop chasing you. Finally, you are given the choice to destroy or to scramble each transmitted. Scrambling the transmitter will confuse some enemies and make them attack each other rather than you!

Legends of Kong is a fun and addictive platform game. Gamers that prefer a focus on gameplay rather than convoluted storylines will appreciate this adventure game!