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Learn To Fly 2 Instructions

Steer backward using 'a' or the left arrow key. Steer forward using 'd' or the right arrow key. Use your boost by hitting 'space'. Activate special sleighs by hitting any key.

Learn To Fly 2 Walkthrough

If you've played the first game in the Learn To Fly series, you're absolutely going to love Learn To Fly 2. The sequel has everything that made its predecessor so much fun to play and more; taking the basic premise that made the first so appealing and building on it. Once again, you will be controlling a little penguin on a big mission. He wants to learn how to fly to prove the internet wrong. Once again in this one, the story is a big part of what makes the game so engrossing but it isn't overdone. There aren't huge story breaks that interrupt game play but that underlying story is still there; most of it told at the beginning of the game. It is in the beginning of the game that we learn our poor penguin has spent a little time in the hospital following the end of the last game but as soon as he wakes up, he is back on his mission. Throwing his flowers and a 'Get Well' card aside, he takes out his laptop, pops it open and navigates to 'failbird.org'. Not pleased to see penguins are still unable to fly, he jumps out the window and is off on his mission again. Does the story have a point? Not really but it's cute and gives you a little background to the game.

Your basic objective in Learn To Fly 2 is pretty easy to understand. You simply need to help your penguin learn how to fly. Like in the first game, there are several different types of upgrades you can purchase to help him do just that. It isn't easy though. Like most of the other adventure games online, there is a trick to doing well in this one, but you also need to focus on those upgrades. If you don't get all the upgrades you need, you won't do well in the game and your poor penguin will never accomplish his mission. With that said, you need to earn money so you can buy those upgrades and that is not always easy. You need a decent technique to start with or you need patience to let the money accumulate. If you don't have at least one of those two things, you're going to have a difficult time doing well in this game.

The best way to start off well in Learn To Fly 2 is to just take a few runs down the hill and let your money build. If you were good at the previous game in the series, you might even be able to nail a few decent jumps, but there's a much higher chance that you're not doing to get much height or much distance on those first few jumps. Again, without upgrades, getting that height and that distance is pretty difficult. You have very limited control over your penguin, but you will earn money for each jump you attempt. Even attempts that get you barely anywhere will earn you money toward upgrades. How much money you earn will depend on the altitude, destruction, distance, duration, and speed of your jump. Try to work out the right angle by tilting forward and backward. This can help you catch a little extra distance. Play around with it until you see what works for you.

Once you've earned enough money for upgrades in Learn To Fly 2, you need to make sure you choose what upgrades you purchase wisely, just as you would with most of the other adventure games online. Focus on the areas of your game that you need the most help in. This isn't going to be the same for everyone so figure it out on your own. Look at where you're weakest and figure out what upgrades will help you strengthen that weakness. If you don't have enough money for the upgrade you really need you have two options. Save up money for that upgrade or buy something that will help improve your game, even if it won't offer as much help as the more expensive upgrade. I recommend taking a look around the upgrades store and seeing what's available. Pay attention to the stats for the upgrade and make your decision based on that. Less expensive upgrades aren't as good as the more expensive ones but they can definitely improve your jumps, allowing you to earn money quicker to get those more expensive upgrades you need.

The upgrade screen in Learn To Fly 2 is no more difficult to understand than the upgrade screens in most of the other adventure games online but it's presented in a bit of a different way. At the top of the upgrade screen, you have the upgrades for your actual ramp; 'ramp length' and 'ramp height'. If you increase the length of the ramp, you have the opportunity to build more speed before you jump off the ramp. Increasing the height of the ramp allows you to get more altitude right off the bat. Increasing these two things together will ensure a much stronger start to your jump. They also work really well with the upgrades under the 'sleigh' category. The upgrades in the sleigh category improve your sleigh (or give you a sleigh if you haven't already purchased one) which will increase your acceleration and the speed you get from take off. Some players prefer to get these upgrades first because they offer a great start to a jump. Other players prefer to start off with upgrades from the 'glider' category. Gliders are devices that change the way you glide, obviously. They're great as they can help in a variety of ways instead of just improving the start of the jump. Gliders require more manual control to make the most of them but they're well worth the effort and the cost.

The boost and payload upgrades in Learn To Fly 2 are great options but they tend to be a little on the expensive side. I traditionally splurge on a good booster as soon as I collect enough money because a good booster can greatly improve your overall jump. At the very bottom of the upgrade screen you have your fuel upgrades. Your fuel upgrades work for any upgrades your boost and increases the amount of time it lasts. Because boosts are so useful, you really want to make sure they last as long as possible. Try to use your boost before you leave the ramp. This will help you build up your speed and get more altitude and distance when you leave the ramp. A well times boost, ramp upgrades, sleigh upgrades and a good glider will definitely help you get a great jump.

There are three modes of game play available in Learn To Fly 2. You must complete the game in Story Mode before you can move on to playing either Classic or Arcade Modes. All of the game play modes in this game are lots of fun. As with most adventure games, there are challenges you need to meet if you want to progress. To start with, you need to destroy the snowman and the other four obstacles standing in your way of learning to fly. In all honesty, destroying the snowman is going to offer a decent challenge to any player regardless of their skill or experience level with the first game in the series or with adventure games in general. You need to hit them in order to destroy them. Payloads (available from the upgrade menu) can greatly increase the damage you deliver with each hit, so don't underestimate the importance of the payload upgrades.

As with many online adventure games, there are several challenges you can try to meet in Learn To Fly 2. Challenges are an excellent way to earn extra cash but again, it's a bit of a Catch-22. If you want to get some of the more advanced challenges, you need upgrades. It's hard to get those upgrades without cash. You can do it though. It just takes patience and a solid strategy. When you start meeting those challenges, you're going to find the money rolling in much more quickly and you'll be able to get those upgrades you need. Once you've completed story mode, move on to classic and arcade modes. You'll have a great time with this one. If you're a fan of adventure games, this is definitely a game you need to check out.