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Learn To Fly Instructions

Use the left and right arrow keys to control the position of your penguin off the ramp. Press 'space' to use your rocket (when purchased).

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Learn To Fly just may be the cutest adventure game I've ever played. Set in Antarctica, you play this game as disgruntled penguin - out to prove that penguins are not in fact flightless birds. During the intro video, we see our penguin minding his own business at his computer late one night when he does a 'Giggle' search for penguins. He finds the 'Kiwipedia' article and he is not at all happy. This is there the game begins. In all honesty, you need to watch the intro video. It doesn't give you any information about how the game is played, but the sight of his little penguin face darkening with anger is well worth the few moments it takes to watch the video - especially when it's followed by him bursting out of his little house to begin his mission. This game is definitely adorable, but it's also fairly difficult. It's an adventure game that can really appeal to anyone. It uses the cute story and the fun graphics to draw you in while the difficulty of the game keeps you playing.

The basic premise behind Learn To Fly is quite unique in and of itself. As I mentioned, you are a penguin trying to prove he can fly. To do that, you'll be sliding down a hill on your belly, shooting off of a ramp and landing, hopefully gracefully in the water. Your goal as a player is to get as much height and distance on the jump as you can and to glide for as long as possible. You earn money for each jump. How much money you earn depends on the distance of your flight, your maximum altitude, and the overall duration of your flight. You earn a dollar amount for each of these factors. Those amounts are added together to equal the total amount you earn for the jump. In addition, you can unlock several achievements that will add extra money to your total depending on the stage of the achievement. You'll use this money to purchase upgrades between levels.

There are several upgrades you can purchase in Learn To Fly with the money you earn from your jumps in Learn To Fly between levels. As with most online adventure games that offer upgrades, the ones in this game are absolutely vital to doing well in the game. There are several ways you can upgrade your jumps from upgrading the ramp to buying new items to equip your penguin with. Basic upgrades for your ramp are fairly inexpensive but provide a lot of benefit to your performance. You can increase the height of your ramp, improve the surface of the ramp for better acceleration and decrease wind resistance. Increasing the height of your ramp increased how high it is above sea level. While this is a great upgrade, it really doesn't provide a while lot in the way of benefits unless you also upgrade acceleration and wind resistance. Upgrading acceleration allows you to get more speed as you approach the end of the ramp which gives you more height on your jump. Decreasing wind resistance greatly reduces how much you slow down along the ramp and once you hit the air. This allows you to get more height and more distance on your jump. If you have to choose, focus on acceleration and wind resistance first and then the height of the ramp.

The items you can buy to help your penguin in Learn To Fly are quite beneficial as well. They're a bit more expensive than the basic upgrades you'll want to purchase in the beginning of the game, but they're well worth the money. The 'Glider' is a great tool to help you get more height and distance on your jumps, but it can also be a bit tricky to use. After purchasing your glider, you'll see a new indicator at the bottom right side of the jump screen. This is the glider meter. You want to avoid hitting the red zone. If you end up in the red zone for too long, or worse, end up above it, you'll find you have a very rapid and unfortunate decline. Try to stay below the red zone to get the most out of your glider. The first glider you'll purchase looks a little worse for the ware, but it will get the job done in the beginning. You'll want to upgrade to one of the better gliders later in the game once you have a little more money. The rockets are also great if you use them properly. Try to use them when you're at the height of your jump or directly after you start descending. Also remember you can upgrade the fuel for your rocket once it has been purchased to give yourself more fuel and significantly increase the height and distance of your jump.

Another great feature of Learn To Fly is the ability to use achievements to unlock new stages. This isn't something you often find with many of the other adventure games online. In most adventure games achievements are just little extra bonuses you can strive for to get extra points or medals, but in this game, you unlock whole new stages of game play. You start with a 5' ramp, but as you get achievements, you can unlock a 10' ramp, a 20' ramp, a 35' ramp and a 50' ramp. There are four additional achievements to unlock for each new ramp aside from the 50' ramp which offers five achievements. Each stage will reward you will a different dollar amount for every achievement earned. The benefit here is pretty obvious. The more achievements you earn, the more money you'll earn for upgrades. What happens when you get the final achievement? You'll have to get it to find out!

Overall, Learn To Fly is one of the most addictive adventure games online simply because it's challenging yet entertaining. This is an adventure game that can truly appeal to anyone regardless fo what game genre they would consider their favorite. It requires strategy, thinking and making the most out of the money you earn by purchasing the upgrades you need. If you want to get all of the achievement on the 50' ramp stage you will need to have everything almost completely upgraded but you'll also need to have the basic skills of the game down. Upgrades are great but they won't get you very far if you don't know what you're doing. You need to allow your nose to dip toward the water and then lift your nose to allow yourself to glide up higher. Keeping your nose up all of the time will not work in this game. Instead you need to find the balance between diving and lifting. Once you can do that, you'll have little trouble with this game.