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Jumpix 2 Instructions

Use either the WASD or arrow keys to control the ball; the spacebar, Z, X, C, J, K, and L keys will make your ball jump. Press the Q or CTRL key to change the camera perspective. Each level consists of 3D platforms - try to gather as many yellow bits and blocks before you reach the green square, completing the level. The number of circles appearing at the bottom of the game screen is how many lives you have remaining.

Jumpix 2 Walkthrough

In addition to score mode and time mode, Jumpix 2 is an adventure game that will also let you build your own custom levels. Although the map editor can be difficult to get the hang of at first, most custom levels you can make are just as fun as anything you'll play in score mode or time mode.

Jumpix 2 is an adventure game with a simple premise. You control a 3D ball that has to make it to a green square - that's it. While there are some items like keys you'll need to grab before you make it to the level exit, the premise rings true with every level you'll come across. But, as the levels get harder, you'll come across warp tiles, jump tiles, and even lava tiles. As the obstacles increase, the difficulty of the game increases, but sometimes just the placement of tiles can make some levels impossible.

You'll see this as soon as level 2 - where you'll have to move the 3D ball diagonally. The controls in Jumpix 2 are adequate, but unless you control the camera accordingly, you'll occasionally get disoriented, forget where you're going, and find that some jumps are quite hard to make.

But that's what makes Jumpix 2 a challenging adventure game - and one you'll want to play over and over again; besides making your own custom levels with the map editor. Overall, the gameplay is solid and you'll keep pushing yourself until you beat that certain level - something you won't find in most flash games.