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Johnny Rocketfingers Instructions

Adventure games - they are more about good decision making and exploration rather than fast reflexes. With that in mind, the controls of adventure games are easy to pick up on. The same thing can be said with Johnny Rocketfingers. All you have to do is use your mouse to interact, click and pick up things, and everything else in between.

Johnny Rocketfingers Walkthrough

Johnny Rocketfingers - it's one of those adventures games that have nice elements of stick figures in them coupled with pure doses of fun and violence. Serving as the first of the 2 classic flash adventure games (yes, there's a part 2!), you need to find items along the way that will help you make it through the levels.

The premise of the game is fairly straightforward (and the graphics too, what could be more straightforward than sticks?!): a woman approached you at the bar, begging you to save her child...for a cash prize. You need to take down thugs, collect pizza, cats, crowbars, and everything else in between to get the job done. If you are having troubles beating a part, which I'm sure at some point you will, take it slowly. Come on! Adventures games are more about exploration and not reflexes. Taking it slowly should help you figure things out.

Another thing I like about the game is Johnny Rocketfingers himself. It's very rare that a foul-mouted and crack-loving guy is portrayed as the main character...the guy you want to live like (at least in the game). His character makes the game all the more fun! "How can I can him if he doesn't even work for me?" and "Now that's what I call cat-astrophic!" (after using a berserker-like cat to take out that bouncer) - these are just some of the epic lines in the game...lines that got me laughing for quite a while. This is definitely one of my favorie stick figure and adventure games ever!

Finishing the game with the 'suppish' guy - Johnny Rocketfingers shouldn't take hours. I finish the whole game within 5 minutes (or so?). BUT man, it was worth every single second. By the way, here's a brief walkthrough...this is the shortcut:

When the stick girl talks to you click the second choice. After going outside, you should check the back alley of the bar. Click on the bottle to pick it. After that, check the trash grab the fish. Next, check the dump and get that crowbar.

After that, pick up the kitty...lure him with the fish and get out of the alley. Now it's time to take out those local thugs - starting with the bouncer. Use the kitty and see the skin on his face disappear! Now click on the box first then the huge piece of wood.

By the way, there's a box there right beside it and you will see a Barbie Doll. Grab it and use it on the first gunned thug. That gay will play with the Barbie Doll giving you the chance to take him out with the piece of wood you've got.

After that...well, nah I'm not going to spill everything out there. From here onwards, you got to figure everything out. It's EASY really. BUT after you have finished the game, replay it. Why? As the game says afterwards: "There is a 99.9 percent chance that you have missed out on half of the witty dialouge and slick animated scenes. Try playing again using the wrong items saying the wrong things and so on... " Well, I can't agree more. This is one of those violent and funny adventure games you want to play over and over again.