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Invertion Instructions

Invertion is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move. Use the C key to open doors and toggle switches. The P key pauses the game and the R key restarts the current level. Additional controls are given throughout the course of the game.

Invertion Walkthrough

Invertion is a puzzle-based platform game, inspired by the popular Portal series of games. This adventure game features well-designed graphics, outstanding audio, and an intriguing storyline.

The objective of Invertion is to to reach the exit door on each level. The initial levels are straightforward, but as you progress, things will become more tricky and there will be more traps and hazards to avoid. There is little need to worry about dying, however, as you are granted unlimited lives in this adventure game. Your progress is also saved at the end of each level, so you can play from where you left off the next time that you load the game.

Invertion uses the keyboard as its control device. The arrow keys or the WASD keys are used to move. Use the C key to toggle switches and open doors. As you progress in this adventure game, you will discover new techniques and their controls. Controls cannot be used before they are learned in the game, so randomly pressing buttons will not unleash some hidden power that can be used to cheat on earlier levels; don't even try it.

Invertion is not the most difficult puzzle game, but some levels can be challenging. This is especially true on levels that require you to use the split power (Z key once attained). The clone is a mirror image of your character and moves in the opposite direction. Your clone can die without having to restart the level, but you may have to manually restart (R key) anyway since you can only produce one clone per level. You should also keep in mind that switches can be flipped using your clone just as you would flip switches with your character, but only your original character can open doors and exit levels.

Invertion is a fun adventure game that both puzzle game fanatics and casual gamers can enjoy. If you are a fan of Portal, you may also appreciate Invertion for its storyline and environment; however did the voice acting of the female computer is almost spot-on for GlaDOS!