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Into Space - another launch and adventure game (and a colorful one at that) whose controls is very straightforward and simple: just use your keyboard, specifically the directional keys, and that's it! Do your best to get to the destination, which is the moon (I believe). Let's take a closer look at the game...

Into Space Walkthrough

Into Space - this adventure game has a very simple premise: get as far as you can...or better yet, get to your destination, which is the moon. The story behind the game is this - you are a scientist. Well, an Einstein look alike to be specific. You are approached by a guy from the government (looks like someone from the CIA?). Anyway, he wants you to create a ship that could get to the moon. And your reward? Cash...tons of it as well as a golden trophy that looks like a space ship.

Fast forward today, you are done designing and creating the space craft and it's time to test it. A couple of reminders before you get airborne (or space borne later on): your ship is pretty slow. Nah, pretty slow is an understatement. Sluggish seems like a more apt term. With that in mind, you need all the help you can get. Grab bonuses - these will help you bag more cash, restore fuel which is much needed, and repair the damages dealt to your ship.

Along with that, there are some things you want to steer clear from like a plague - lightning. Nope, your space ship, unfortunately, is NOT lightning proof. I'm not sure why it's NOT but it isn't. Getting hit by a lightning will switch your engine off and down you will go - game over and you have to start from square one. Also, you don't want to hit other objects will flying. That will damage your hull. When your hull gets damaged BIG time, your space craft will crash.

Slow space craft, over sensitive hull, and it's NOT lightning proof to top it off - it seems like everything is against you in this game! Well, NOT really. For one thing, you have the bonuses to collect. Along with that, there are boosters or gates as they call it in the game that will give you significant speed boost once you pass through it.

Now, let me tell you this - there's no way you can finish the game and reach your destination in one go. That's just impossible! You will crash and burn a couple of times. The idea here is to get as much money and bonuses as you can in one trip and use whatever you got give your space craft upgrades and other boosts to beef up its performance. There are a couple of upgrades you can buy - (1) Hull, which is kind of expensive. (2) You can also buy fins to give your space craft added maneuverability. (3) Buy a new and better engine that will enhance your performance (4) Fuel tanks (5) Boosters - you definitely want to get one of these as soon as possible.

Those items are pretty expensive. What I advise you to do is go for the less expensive and basic ones like: (1) $ Bonus - this gives 10 percent more money for the altitude you have covered and checkpoints you have passed through. This is also useful in the long run. (2) The Fuel icon - this reduces your fuel consumption. This is an excellent partner to extra fuel tanks you buy and its not as expensive. (3) Right beside the fuel icon is an upgrade that reduces air resistance...allowing you to cover more distance, which means more cash!