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Inspiration Dave Instructions

Inspiration Dave is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to move. The S key and the down arrow key are used to enter doors and interact with objects. The X key is used to jump and to confirm menu choices. Hold the Z key or the K key while moving to run (the shift key toggles autorun). The Z is also used to cancel menu choices. The P key pauses the game, the R key restarts the current stage, and the Q key quits the game.

Inspiration Dave Walkthrough

Inspiration Dave is a retro platform game developed by Seagaia and presented by AdventureGamesHQ. This game features 8-bit music, sprite graphics, and keyboard-only controls.

Inspiration Dave follows the sage of Dave, a fan of a (fictional) 1990's band called Davement. He builds a time machine to travel back in time and become Davement (since his name is in the band's title). You will control Dave as he travels the world, searching for musical inspiration to outdo the original Davement and become the new Davement. Enough about storyline; let's talk about gameplay!

You control a character on a mission to find inspiration through musical notes - via completing 33 small platforming stages, with three goals: Finish the stage, collect all 20 notes, and finish the stage 100% very quickly! Only finishing the stage is necessary. There are unlockable secrets for how many notes you collect and stages you finish quickly.

Unlike most Flash games on the Web, Inspiration Dave uses keyboard-only controls. The keyboard is even used on menus in this adventure game! This setup gives Inspiration Dave a genuine retro feel. The controls are pretty standard, so they should not be too difficult to get used to. Despite the retro feel of this platformer, the modern concept of using the first level as a tutorial is employed. All of the basics that you need to learn is plastered on signs in the first level of the game.

Inspiration Dave consists of thirty-three stages (excluding bonus challenge levels) spanning five worlds. This should keep you busy for quite a while, but even after you beat them there are still things to do in this platform game! Try to beat the par times or collect all of the music notes found on each level; doing so may unlock secret levels and other goodies! Secrets, par times, and collectibles give Inspiration Dave immense replay value!

Inspiration Dave is a platform game that is simple enough for a casual gamer to understand and challenging enough to keep a hardcore gamer entertained. This adventure game's retro style offers a great change from the ordinary platformers found on the Web. Remember that you played it first on, and to check back often for more exciting, free adventure games!